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Can whoever put the part about Vinegar reappearing in GT and getting killed again by Gohan plz specify the episode title? I noticed that the part of Spice's article was removed.

Whoever it was probably suffered from the feeling of the Spice Boys being overlooked all for the crime of being filler characters. I should know. I've asked Atari numerous times to put them in a video game, but they refused. Spice and Vinegar are probably my second and third most favorite villains (my first, oddly enough, being Oggers, Frieza's henchman trying out for the Ginyu Force). But to take it to the extreme of actually putting misleading information on an encyclopedia... And of course, being killed again by Gohan was probably taken from Nappa being killed again by Vegeta. Ghostkaiba297 02:19, 2 February 2009 (UTC)

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