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Hey everyone...I am Kk.

I am a huge fan of DBZ and have made a discovery in the canonicity of the Cooler's revenge.

We have been thinking where this event would have occured as Future Trunks defeated Frieza and Goku was given this information only after he came to Earth. Moreover, Goku didnot have full control over his Super Saiyan form in Cooler's Revenge as he required the "extreme sorrow" factor to ascend to Super Saiyan.

But, we are forgetting the alternate timeline where Goku came to Earth before Frieza and destroyed both Frieza and King Cold.

So, I think this is the alternate timeline story.

Future Trunks, who would have learnt this story from Future Gohan or Future Bulma, would have made it a point to destroy Cooler somewhere in space itself so that the Zwarriors actual world may train in peace for their oncoming brawl against androids in 3 years, something that Akira Toriyama left to our understanding.

I have posted this discussion just to my knowledge and discovery. Critics can challenge this without any concerns. If you want to tell your views my email address is


I've got another theory! what if, when goku was fighting frieza in namek, he defeated frieza and was teletransported to earth by polunga (instead of refusing), just like piccolo, gohan and company, and while king cold was looking for his son, cooler traveled to earth to get revenge on goku, there cold is not dead, frieza is thought to be dead, goku can't control it's super saiyan transformation and future trunks didn't went to the past (yet). Ssjkamusioso 20:13, July 17, 2010 (UTC)

Goku knows teleportation in this movie?!

There's a hint that Goku knows teleportation in this movie, however this movie was released after Freeza was killed by Future Trunks and BEFORE Goku told Trunks about it in the manga, so i don't think Toriyama told Toei about his teleportationBH Ouji (talk) 07:13, September 8, 2016 (UTC)

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