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Idea for Dragonball AF Article

i say we stick with the Plot and story and characters from toyble creation, instead of taking every idea that we hear of in talk pages and websites and all which would be endless we should stick to the Dragonball AF story created by toyble company. because their a company, they got permission from akira toyrima to sell their comics, and their not kids who make up stories on talk pages on the internet, as a matter a fact the artist on the comic for toyble were actuall former artist for the Dragonball Z Anime. what do you say it makes alot of sense, cause i could say right now in AF their will be a Super Saiyan 20 and ya have to put it cause i just made it up. i think im makin alot of sense we should do it and I could put up images of pages from the managa. I think we should do it. (Goten.GT1 22:05, 20 November 2008 (UTC))

Dekoshu 22:12, 20 November 2008 (UTC) I wish it was a real anime. But then it would tick off a lot of characters and its fans.

And Look Toyble are even making encyclopedia's for Their Manga (Dragonball AF)

Dragonball AF encyclopedia version 2 By Toyble

Dekoshu 22:16, 20 November 2008 (UTC) Manga?

If no one belives me that they do Sell in Japan here is a comments section in the toyblog site translated in english of people saying thier going to buy and on the main page they state their Sales. http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&u=http://blog.livedoor.jp/toyble/&sa=X&oi=translate&resnum=1&ct=result&prev=/search%3Fq%3DToyble%26num%3D100%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG

The reason that this article is accepted here is because it is a very widespread myth. Many fans actually believe that there is an official sequel to GT. The article is here to dispel that myth. As long as it accomplishes that, I see no need to have extensive information about fan spin-offs that are named after or based on the myth. That's what the Dragon Ball Fanon Wiki is for. -- Nonoitall.png talk contr 23:14, 20 November 2008 (UTC)

ahh forget it you dont get it at all. (Goten.GT1 00:32, 21 November 2008 (UTC))

Dragon Ball SF Magnas are on Youtube. Nikon23

Characters that appear in Dragon Ball SF Nikon23

File:Super Great Ape 2.jpg

The Golden Ape 2 Transformation that appears in Dragon Ball SF

File:Dragon Ball SF Pictures 0026.jpg

Once Goku gains control over the Golden Ape 2 Transformation, he becomes able to reach Super Saiyan 5, in Dragon Ball SF.

File:SS5 Vegeta.jpg

Once Vegeta Gains Control over the Golden Ape 2 Transformation,he becomes able to reach the Super Saiyan 5 Transformation, in Dragon Ball SF.

More Characters in Dragon Ball SF

File:DBSF SS1 Goku.jpg

Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball SF

File:DBSF Pan.jpg

Pan as a Teenager

Pan transformed into a Super Saiyan

Vegeta Transformed into a Super Saiyan 2 in Dragon Ball SF

File:DBSF Bulla (Bra).jpg

Bulla as a Teenager

File:Dragon Ball SF Villians 0001.jpg

Nikon,Broly's Older Brother, who was the first to transfrom into a Golden Ape. Vegeta spoke of him Dragon Ball Z Episode #66, during the discussion of the Super Saiyan Legend.

File:Dragon Ball SF Villians 0004.jpg

Nikon transformed into a Legendary Super Saiyan 4

What is it about you saying there is a Super Saiyan 20 that would warrant exposure on Dragon Ball Wiki? Fandom is only ever notable on very limited occasions, and even then only if it is established that the topic does not actually exist and it is the interpretation of the fanbase. Dragon Ball AF is a class example of this exception. Numerous people believe or have been previously believers of its authenticity, and despite its age, the rumor persists. This article isn't supposed to fuel the rumors of its (totally inaccurate) existence by detailing plots and characters from Dragon Ball AF; that will only make the unobservant visitor more welcoming of the series as more than just an April Fool's rumor. The purpose for this article is to explain the facts surrounding the AF myth, and not to describe the non-canon plots and such that have been spawned as a result of this prank. Also, what's up with the pictures? In my opinion the Super Saiyan 5 Goku picture is the only AF image notable around here, as widespread as it is. A wiki isn't the proper place to host the pictures you draw. Storm 05:23, 21 November 2008 (UTC)

in my opinion your a jerk, there just pictures, it's not that serious,God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Nikon23

oh no!!! i put up pictures that relate to Dragon Ball SF, another fan magna!!!! LOL Nikon23

Uploading non-notable fan pictures of an equally unofficial fan series which in addition has had its article reasonably deleted from the wiki is unnecessary. And I'm no jerk, I'm simply quite familiar with how wikis should be operated, that's all. Storm 07:36, 21 November 2008 (UTC)

Who Cares this is not going to stop me from sharing my ideas on what could of happen after Dragon Ball GT, life is too short to complain all of the time Nikon23

Well this isn't the place for what you think happens after GT, because as far as authenticity is concerned, the only thing that happens after the series is what appears in A Hero's Legacy. Besides, who says the wiki doesn't have to be that serious, you? Wikis are supposed to pose informative merit. Like Nonoitall said earlier, what you propose happens after GT should be taken to more appropriate places like Dragon Ball Fanon Wiki. Storm 20:51, 21 November 2008 (UTC)

I wouldnt put Team Toyble in this pae since doujishi is created by fans, team toyble is a publishing company and were give the right by akira toyrma to Sell Their Dragonball AF Products, Manga and Action Figures. (Goten.GT1 03:58, 22 November 2008 (UTC))

First of all,Storm A Hero Legacy is the prequel to the last episode Of Dragon Ball GT, so next time you try to be smart know your facts Nikon23

There's no need to get lippy. You're probably right considering Goku Jr.'s transformation to Super Saiyan during the last sequences of GT comes much more naturally than it does in A Hero's Legacy, but you don't need to start rudely call people out. You're taking me stepping up to inform you that this isn't the place to upload the pictures you draw way too personally. Storm 00:20, 23 November 2008 (UTC)
Still not real. AF is a very well drawn fan manga, but nothing more

Super Saiyan 5

Dekoshu 04:34, 26 November 2008 (UTC) Does anyone have the info from Super Saiyan 5 before it got redirected here> Thank you.

Just look at the page history, it wasn't deleted. ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Nov 26, 2008 @ 05:03 (UTC)

Dekoshu 05:06, 26 November 2008 (UTC) I looked. It wasn't there. I meant can you copy and place it here. "Giving them vastly tremendous power over other characters." Where can I find it?

Like I said, look at the history. [1] ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Nov 26, 2008 @ 05:43 (UTC)

Dekoshu 11:01, 26 November 2008 (UTC) Excuse me, but you didn't tell me which date, and why don't you check it yourself?

The date does not matter. Just follow the redirect back to the article (when you are redirected a link back to the article without the redirect is shown below the title), and click history. Then you get a list of all the recent revisions. Just use the diffs to find out what one was the last version before it was turned into a redirect. And you are the one who wanted it, why would I check it myself? ~NOTASTAFF Daniel Friesen (DanTMan, Nadir Seen Fire) (talk) Nov 26, 2008 @ 17:15 (UTC)

Dekoshu talk contrib 22:17, 26 November 2008 (UTC) You got a point.

Um...before the Dragon ball AF page got 'expanded' there was an image of super saiyan 5 Goku and its history with some april's fool joke...i think it should be put back because its a symbol of DBAF and people's love and anticipation of a new DB continuation. I know its not real but that specific image is just too much to erase... Stylator 18:47, October 28, 2009 (UTC)

Goten_is_a_birdy 02:28, December 15, 2010 (UTC) Idk what to put on a talk page but, SS5 is just a good edited (IK ITS FAKE) SS4 broly with SS3 hair. you can see it.

Actually, SSJ5 is SSJ3 Broly from Ragist Blast 2, with grey hair and fur, and good editing skills. Its not official, just good editing. Images-1 6.jpegITSImages-2.jpegOVERImages 7.jpeg9000!Ezio-Auditore-de-Firenze--Assassins-Creed-2-psd27127.png 19:45, January 1, 2011 (UTC)

Published Manga = Fanon?

How can Dragonball AF be fanon if it is a legally published manga?

Because neither Akira Toriyama nor Toei Animation have anything to do with its publication. Dragon Ball AF is an unauthorized dōjinshi. Storm Z Ball.svg talk projects 08:19, 25 January 2009 (UTC)

That makes no sense at all Nikon23 2:39, 1 February 2009

It makes sense, like the pornography doujins, They're not authorized by the creators. XeOfGreed 22:15, September 27, 2009 (UTC) it is legal so it would make it cannon and it being sold in japan.


you have to bring out a continuation of the dragonball series. this is my faaaaaaavorite anime in the world please please Akira Toriyama, i hear the AE series is complete somewhere i would literally cry if you could bless me bless the world with the art you created. it has always been my lifes dream to travle to japan just to finish the anime i hold so dearly to my heart. again please i am begging for the release of DragonballAE.

HEy i See you like Dragonball Z series alot an want a Dragonball AF well though it may not be officail u can read Toybles Dragonball AF it is the only Dragonball AF there is an ever will be. the other Dragonball AF mangas are made by artist in their home who like the series an make their own an post it on the net. Toyble is actually the only Company to make a Dragonball AF manga...Akira said no more DBZ an i guess he ment it. But you can still enjoy toybles AF, they're even making another manga called DBZero. Toyble is succeding in were akira failed to pick up the ball...you can download the manga through the internet or if you like in japan you can actually pick it up in stores. (GotenSSJ16 13:42, 30 August 2009 (UTC))

DBZero manga (Toyble)

As a matter a fact here a link were you can buy it u try to have it translated in englsih (DBZero) http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&u=http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k114448730&ei=nY6aSti5PJGHmQeEifmwBA&sa=X&oi=translate&resnum=8&ct=result&prev=/search%3Fq%3DDbZero%2Btoyble%26ndsp%3D21%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DN


please i hope therenother awesom after dragon ball gt there will be awesome series....as a fan of dragon ball i am hoping there will be another dragon ball..


First of all, Akira Toriyama isn't reading the comments section on an English fan wiki, so there's absolutely no point in begging for new Dragon Ball here. Second, Akira Toriyama is working on a follow up to the Dragon Ball series, an MMORPG called Dragon Ball Online, which is set about 250 years after the original. Third, Toyble's Dragon Ball AF is an unlicensed, fan-made dōjinshi manga, and is in no way affiliated with Akira Toriyama, Bird Studio, Shueisha, Toei Animation, or any other license holders. Toyble produces Dragon Ball AF on his own, posting the pages online and self-publishing them for sale at the Comiket convention and online via the Mandarake dōjinshi store. Fourth, the image posted earlier in this thread isn't an encyclopedia or daizenshū, it's the second volume of the dōjinshi. He simply designed the covers to resemble the daizenshū covers. FF-Suzaku 06:42, January 29, 2010 (UTC)

Toyble's plot needs to be shortened

Toyble's summary of the plot is too long. It needs at least 2 paragraphs.

Why?  SSJ4 Lewich  talk  contribs  20:14, April 21, 2010 (UTC)

I was kind of thinking the same thing. The existence of DBAF seems to merit an article due to its beginnings as an April Fools' joke, but the plot itself is purely fan-made. Plus, without someone actually reading the thing, we don't really have a way of verifying the plot's "validity." -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 22:02, May 15, 2010 (UTC)

If that were your argument, shouldn't this page be deleted? Just throwing that out there  SSJ4 Lewich  talk  contribs  19:46, May 16, 2010 (UTC)

The plot portion, yes. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 21:19, May 16, 2010 (UTC)

Is there much point in the article without the plot?  SSJ4 Lewich  talk  contribs  15:23, May 17, 2010 (UTC)

Yes, the existence of DBAF seems to merit an article due to its beginnings as an April Fools' joke, but the plot itself is purely fan-made. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 19:27, May 17, 2010 (UTC)

Oh ok, just wondered  SSJ4 Lewich  talk  contribs  08:24, May 18, 2010 (UTC)


no disrespect but DragonBallZGT why would you delete the af story i made. it took me like an hour! and there was a real manga for af.it was an april fools joke but IT WAS STILL REAL.i not tryin to start somethin but thats real messed up —This unsigned comment was made by DatKiddown the street (talkcontribs) Please sign your posts with ~~~~ next time!

We used to have the Toyble plot overview but it was deleted because there was a vote to remove it. We no longer allow any plot overview or storyline section to be added to the page. If you want, you could post that on the Dragon Ball Fanon Wiki. The link is on the main page.  SSWerty  01:03, July 3, 2010 (UTC)

This is true. In fact, a good part of that discussion appears just above this message on this talk page. The Dragon Ball Fanon site exists to incorporate and share fan-made materials. We are a purely encyclopedic source, so we do not allow anything without the official Dragon Ball licensing. The most we might do for something without that licensing is mention it and it's impact, as we have done here with Dragon Ball AF. Dragon Ball Z GT Goku GTGohanBlue.jpgSuper Saiyan Goten.jpgGoku,Gohan,Gotendragonball-z-image-2.jpg 01:09, July 3, 2010 (UTC)

If you're having trouble recovering the story I can get it back for you. Feel free to post it on your talk page, your user page, our forums, or the Dragon Ball Fanon wiki, which is made for exactly that sort of thing. These articles are just for the officially licensed stuff. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 01:07, July 3, 2010 (UTC)

I Know This Is Fake!But

I Know It's Fake But Once When I Was Little I Wanted A Dragon Ball AF. So I Made A Super Saiyan 9 Goku!! I Still Have It. Now Many People Say That Dragon Ball AF Is Going To Have It Up To SS10! Fiftyfifty 21:37, July 5, 2010 (UTC)

more dragonball

I think there should be more dragonball on ytv canada etc. and online especially on dbz-zone.org its fun. i say i new series with goku jr.

I heard that the creator of DB WANTED to make DBAF but with GT creating Goku adn Vegeta Jr. they just ruined his plans. I also read He wanted to make a small series about Goku adn Vegeta Jr. discovering Goku and Vegeta's Mother, their families blah blah blah but he apparently decided NOT to make it cause if he did id think it would be on TV now instead of DBZ Kai

GT didn't ruin it;it's non canon.

they should make a new dragonball z episod because we never see the saiyans in more action

please make a new one .

I think there should be more dragonball on ytv canada etc. and online especially on dbz-zone.org its fun. Without dragonball there is no point in living so i say i new series with goku jr.

Why is this page on the Wiki?

Isn't there a rule stating that fan-made creations are not allowed here? If that's the case, why do we have admins deleting DBZ Abridged and Dragon Ball Multiverse pages when we have a big fat Dragonball AF sitting right here? Either delete this article or allow other popular fan-made creations as articles on here. Kaonohiokala 06:18, October 15, 2010 (UTC)

The article has been cut down continuously over the last few months just because of the things you mentioned. The reason that it's here is the overwhelming popularity and misinformation the "series" has provided to Dragon Ball fans. There is also the fact that is was in fact an April Fools day joke coming from some rather reliable sources regarding a new installment of the Dragon Ball franchise. Personally, I don't agree with the first two reasons I've given here (they are just the ones often given), but the last one tends to nag at me about being part of the Dragon Ball history in the real world, helping to explain the knowledge and assumptions of many fans. I completely understand the mixed message having it here sends, and perhaps we need to open the community to a vote about it's inclusion on the Wiki? GTGohanBlue.jpgGroup6blue.gif400 1203477316 wwwtengoverguenzablogspotcom-luis-v-blue-goku.jpg 06:27, October 15, 2010 (UTC)

Actually I would prefer if the wiki briefly covered all the primary fan-made creations. Not random fan-fics, but well-made creations done by fans. The only ones I know off the top of my head that follow this criteria are Dragon Ball AF, Dragon Ball Multiverse, and Dragon Ball Z Abridged. As an example, Final Fantasy Wiki has an article on 8-bit Theater due to a widespread acknowledgment of it from majority of Final Fantasy fans. After all, the purpose of the Wiki is to cater to the fans. Kaonohiokala 00:40, October 16, 2010 (UTC)

I have to say I agree with Kaonohiokala here. 510341 Dragon-Ball-Z-Halloween-Photo 400.jpg SonikFan112 510341 Dragon-Ball-Z-Halloween-Photo 400.jpg 00:54, October 16, 2010 (UTC)

The purpose of the wiki is actually to provide encyclopedic information. We don't only add fan-made info in articles, but the forums and blogs are a great place for adding your favorite fan-made Dragon Ball spin-offs. -- Darbura1688.jpg.10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 07:00, October 16, 2010 (UTC)

If that's truly what this wiki is about, this article should be deleted without any thought to it. It has no relation to Toriyama or TOEI, and thus has no relation to this wiki. Kaonohiokala 08:50, October 16, 2010 (UTC)

It was an officially published April Fools joke, I believe in one of the Shonen mags. -- Darbura1688.jpg.10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 09:30, October 16, 2010 (UTC)

No. Dragon Ball AF was never officially published on anything related to TOEI or Toriyama. Kaonohiokala 19:01, October 16, 2010 (UTC)

I'm pretty sure I read that it was on one of the other DB sites. -- Darbura1688.jpg.10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 20:27, October 16, 2010 (UTC)

It was on a fansite, DaizenshuuEX, not to be confused with the official guide books, Daizenshuu. Kaonohiokala 20:33, October 16, 2010 (UTC)

I think that happened later, why don't we try and research this for awhile. -- Darbura1688.jpg.10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 20:55, October 16, 2010 (UTC)

Alright, you've had more than enough time to look for some proof. There's no proof because DBAF was never official or officially referenced. Just delete the page already. Kaonohiokala 07:21, December 13, 2010 (UTC)

No one's come up with anything yet. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 09:05, December 13, 2010 (UTC)

Precisely. Which is why the page should be deleted. 07:38, December 17, 2010 (UTC)

Because people are too busy/lazy? That doesn't make sense, lol. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 12:58, December 17, 2010 (UTC)


Whoever Created Dragon Ball AF! The Is No Super Saiyan 5, 6, 7, 8, Or Anything Above Super Saiyan 4! Goku Could Not Have Came Back From His Training With Shenron. Not Counting In Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy. Vegeta Is A Super Saiyan 3, But He Only Appears That Way In Video Games. Gotenks Would Be Nice To Imagine As A Super Saiyan 4, Though.

Fake Gotenks SSJ4

Vegeta Super Saiyan 3 In Video Games. This Is Not Fake

-User:DragonBallZKai5 -User:DRAGONBallZKai5

Everybody chill out, there's no reason to argue. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 23:08, November 21, 2010 (UTC)

If you think about it the storyline of DBAF is pretty cool, but they just do everything randomly. For e.g. I got a copy of the first three volumes, and they randomly allow gohan to go super saiyan 4, without explaining where the heck he learned it from. I HONESTLY like the plot of dbaf, but they overexagerate how far super saiyan goes. But I think Akira Toriyama or Funimation should take this into consideration for many exicited fans.

A few issues..

For the record if super saiyan 2-4 is possible *which is obviously canon* then it is equally as possible if not innevitable that their would be higher levels. The entire series is somewhat based on the idea of continuing to reach new levels and plateaus and considering this super saiyan 5 and beyond would just be a higher level and a higher plateau. Ss4 actaully wasn't even toriyama's idea, it was the creator of gt's idea and toriyama had nothing to do with it. However if he would have gave another person the right to make another series officially they would have went to super saiyan 5 and beyond as it was the next logical step. Another thing is weither its fan-based or not, the fact is that toriyama isn't going to continue the series beyond the mmorpg, and personally i want to see more (and make more) and I assume many other fans want to see more about the z fighters and their adventures. And if the official creator will not add to it i say its the fan's duty to add to it. The concept of dragonball is very vast and leaves for endless possiblities so weither something is canon or not is it really relevant? Does everyone have to be sold for poeple to accept it as 'canon'? does it have to be created by the owner for it to be 'real' in the hearts and minds of the readers? I think not. I would also like to submit the concept of the multi-universe idea. Dragonball somewhat touched on the idea that their are other alternate timelines and considering this and the scientific theory of endless alternate realities then logically andy fan related work could easily be considered either an alternate reality or an extended timeline to the main line, either way it really doesn't matter. More things happened after dbgt, this is granted, some would rather just think about what happened when others want to draw or animate what happens, whats so wrong about that? I say since Official dragon ball is finished (Apart from the game) fans should finish it, no one else will.

Actualy, Toryama designed ssj44, and all GT characters, and wrote some filler for the series too.

Doesn't Exist

AF doesn't exist and I don't think it needs an article about it....SSJ4 Lewich (Talk) 23:41, April 29, 2011 (UTC)


His name is Akira Toriyama. (Not sure if I spelled Toriyama right, although I am sure I spelled Akira right.) 00:17, June 23, 2011 (UTC)

hi am cris as gt has finish they should make a new dragon ball because the fans from dragon ball z and gt want more so why not make more so more people become fans and am 11 years old and we want more drangon ball z

Vegta ssj4

in af vegeta can go ssj4 in af without a tail because u only need the requiriments the first time u acheive the transformation after that u can go 2 the tranform mation at will taht is why vegewta is able 2 go ss4 at will in af. i think or iam i wrong

What Some Fans Think

Hi, I am Ultimate avatar and I have came to talk about what some fans think.

My part of fans who are want AF to come out in America and the series to come on, really just want to see dbz continuation. So think if you really like DBZ and if you're an artist, or if you just write books/mangas/comics, you can write them yourself, make a fanon wiki, spread the word, and get it popular. I'm already starting a little DBZ comic/manga thing. I'll write it on a my wiki and if I have some time, i'll give you the link. So if you wanna read or make some DBZ continuations you can do it, and who knows Akira Toriyama might come across it and like it. So don't give up, KEEP DBZ ALIVE!

I iz one of the biggest DBZ fans in da world

There is a fanon wiki. You should check it out.

It is real

Hi, I'm Xx Shadow King xX and i'm here to talk to you that Dragon ball AF IS real. first of all, you could buy the entired Dragon ball AF in one Disc in Japan until 2008/09(not sure which one it really is).

2nd of all, People think the AF stands for april fools, 2 responses to that:

1. AF means Almighty Foes(says on back of cover of box)

2. they don't have April Fools in japan

3. People say DB/Z/GT Were made by Akiara Toriyama, true, DBAF was made by Toyble Toryiama. See the relationship there?

4. If it is fake, how does it spread across the globe in only a year? one person makes it up and spreads it and in 1 year it's over the entire globe? Either someone flys all over the world in a year or it has to be "REAL"

5. There is an article on this wiki about DBAF, but they have no proof it is fake, whoever made it, is just an utter retard(no offense).

6. if you go to the Article Talk:Super Saiyan i have wrote down all the Transformations on DBAF under the Topic Super saiyan power-ups and more and what they multiply your power by, they say on the back how to increase your power with transformations and all Saiyan Transformations.

7. Well that ends it for now, any questions send them to Xx Shadow King xX, or comment on this topic about my reasoning(WHICH IS NOT A GOOD IDEA).

1. Alright. Show me a picture. Then we talk 2...last time I checked, they do 3...this doesn't even deserve a response. GT wasnt made by Toryiama. Toryiama helped with Dragon Quest, but that doesn't make it his 4 It's called the Internet. You're on it right now 5...first of all, you can't call someone a retard and then say no offense. Second, have you even read it? They have an entire paragraph on why it's fake 6. Just becuase you can make up some forms doesn't make it ral. On a related note, I say Goku is the Easter bunny on some talk pages, therefore he is 7 I just did. And plus, stop with this 3rd person. And link me to your talk page. We disscus this here

Ima add fuel to the destruction of this argument. Against the OP of this:

  1. Proof please :)
  2. They don't have the phrase "Almighty Foes" in Japan either. That would be in Japanese.
  3. Toyble's a company...plus if you google "Toyble" it definitely does not say that.
  4. Lmfao, things spread like wildfire on the Internet. Take the Kony 2012 video for example. It got massive hype in a very short time. Many DBZ fans have wished at some point that there was more Dragon Ball. Therefore if someone suggests something like AF, every fan on the internet will clamor to hear it. There are also many inconsistencies about AF, e.g. who the author is, what it's about, etc.
  5. They have no proof it's fake? How about all the incosistencies and lack of confirmation by any legitimate source? YOU'RE an utter retard...no offense.
  6. That's...good for you...and proves nothing...but good job. Goku SS3.pngShakuran13Tapion with blade.pngThisDragonFistGokuHirudegarnMovie13.pngendsKonatsian wizard with effects.jpgNOW!SS3Rush.png 03:24, May 9, 2012 (UTC)


Should a similar rumor crushing page be made for Hoshi?—This unsigned comment was made by TeamUnitedNerds (talkcontribs) Please sign your posts with ~~~~ next time!

No. Shulabyninja.pngJeangabinTalkContribDaburawrh.png 10:05, May 9, 2012 (UTC)

Can we at least make a section on this page for it? Goku SS3.pngShakuran13Tapion with blade.pngThisDragonFistGokuHirudegarnMovie13.pngendsKonatsian wizard with effects.jpgNOW!SS3Rush.png 16:38, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

No, there is no Hoshi and there has never been any substantial proof hinting otherwise. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 02:57, June 18, 2012 (UTC)

Same with AF. I said it was meant to crush the rumor. Bow down to king TUN 20:20, July 13, 2012 (UTC)

Again no, AF had substantial proof hinting otherwise. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 22:49, July 13, 2012 (UTC)

Wait, really? Like what? Goku SS3.pngShakuran13Tapion with blade.pngThisDragonFistGokuHirudegarnMovie13.pngendsKonatsian wizard with effects.jpgNOW!SS3Rush.png 00:25, July 14, 2012 (UTC)

Read the article for details. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 01:52, July 14, 2012 (UTC)

I just did, and I don't see what you are referring to. Goku SS3.pngShakuran13Tapion with blade.pngThisDragonFistGokuHirudegarnMovie13.pngendsKonatsian wizard with effects.jpgNOW!SS3Rush.png 02:00, July 14, 2012 (UTC)

It's the first sentence in the article. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 02:09, July 14, 2012 (UTC)

Wow, I completely skimmed over that part. Fair enough, the April Fool's joke thing DOES make it seem like more of a possible new series. Goku SS3.pngShakuran13Tapion with blade.pngThisDragonFistGokuHirudegarnMovie13.pngendsKonatsian wizard with effects.jpgNOW!SS3Rush.png 02:27, July 14, 2012 (UTC)

New information regarding the origin of Dragonball AF

There has recently been more informatin on how Dragonball AF came to be. The original artist of the infamous picture that is considered by many to be Super Saiyan 5 Goku is David Montiel Franco. It was submitted into a Spanish videogaming magazine called Hobby Consolas in 1999. From there, it circulated online and was said to be Super Saiyan 5 Goku, but it's actually a fancharacter of Franco's called Tablos, an unknown Saiyan. David Montiel Franco also has a blog featuring the picture as well as many other ones of his Dragonball AF. According to his blog, Dragonball AF stands for Alternative Future, not April Fool's (I'm surprised how this could be dismissed on April Fool's joke when there was little to any information on its origin or the picture). See his blog: http://af-dragonball.blogspot.com/

I learned this information from here: http://thedaoofdragonball.com/blog/fans/dragon-ball-af-origin-revealed/ Dr. Machismo (talk) 18:33, July 29, 2012 (UTC)

We can't use info from fansites. Interesting observations though. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 20:34, July 29, 2012 (UTC)

I don't see how that works when this entire article is about a fan's work. You're not going to get any information on Dragonball AF from an official site, because it's not official. The origins of Dragonball AF have been proven, so we should at least fix the false information in the article. And there's information from Daizenshuu EX in the article, which was a fansite. Dr. Machismo (talk) 20:40, July 29, 2012 (UTC)

The way it works is that things can be said about fan work in this particular case (usually we don't even mention it), but fan sites cannot be used for evidence. The reason we cite Daizenshuu EX is to give them credit for valid points that our editors found there. We do not use any claims from Daizenshuu EX that are not otherwise true. For information about why AF info cannot be traced back to official sources, please see the article. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 20:48, July 29, 2012 (UTC)

But the information I've said is true and valid. The drawing did appear in the magazine I've mentioned and it's by the person with the blog. We still should at least fix the areas where it's said that Dragonball AF was an April Fool's Joke and the image is of a Super Saiyan 5, because it's not and there's no evidence to say otherwise. Dr. Machismo (talk) 20:54, July 29, 2012 (UTC)

We can't use evidence based off the word of a single fan site editor, in this case the author of that site. It is site policy, there is nothing I can do. Sorry for any inconvenience. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 23:47, July 29, 2012 (UTC)
It's not just a single fansite. The picture itself has David Montiel Franco's signature, and he also has a blog and has posted a YouTube video with information on his Dragonball AF. And the picture did appear in the magazine. Even if we can't use the information I have, there's still no reason to say that the picture is Super Saiyan 5 Goku or that Dragonball AF was a 1997 April Fool's Joke.
Dr. Machismo (talk) 20:32, August 2, 2012 (UTC)
The source that Dr. Machismo posted does seem to be credible (and even cite sources), perhaps we should take another look? Goku SS3.pngShakuran13Tapion with blade.pngThisDragonFistGokuHirudegarnMovie13.pngendsKonatsian wizard with effects.jpgNOW!SS3Rush.png 23:04, August 2, 2012 (UTC)

The fansite itself is unusable by default, and citing sources as evidence (different than citing sources for credit) doesn't help unless the source it credible, also not a fansite, and 100% of the information claimed is given on that credible source. If the source itself is used to make a case here that would be different. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 01:09, August 3, 2012 (UTC)

The information on the fansite is credible, because they cite an actual magazine called Hobby Consolas, which is where the image originated. The picture itself has David's signature and you can track him in his blog and YouTube where he has posted other pictures of his Dragonball AF. Dr. Machismo (talk) 02:53, August 3, 2012 (UTC)

Please read my last message for details on why the fansite cannot be used as evidence. I don't even know why you are pointing to someone's blog. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 22:16, August 3, 2012 (UTC)

It's not just anyone's blog. It's David Montiel Franco's blog, the creator of the picture. If the fansite itself can't be used as evidence, the information it has can be, because the sources are credible (and not fansites). Hobby Consolas is a real magazine, and the image appeared in an issue of it. David Montiel Franco's signature is on the picture, and he has a blog and YouTube channel. Dr. Machismo (talk) 22:48, August 3, 2012 (UTC)

I can make a blog and a youtube channel, but that doesn't somehow make me a credible, encyclopedic source. Also, many people claim to have drawn images that may or may not really be drawn by them. If you find a source that is not a fansite to support the evidence, then let me know. Sorry that we can't use your info as is. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 23:35, August 3, 2012 (UTC)


"We do not allow fan-made content on this wiki"

~~10X Kamehameha~~

GokuAboutToSacrifice.pngThis Random DudeGoten-y-trunks2cropped.png is bored so talk to himVegetasSacrifice.jpg 17:45, September 13, 2012 (UTC)

That is correct, and this article is not a summary of the fan-made AF comic. Next time read the article before making a comment on the talk page. -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 00:27, September 14, 2012 (UTC)

SS4 Gogeta Alternate Costume

I thought this was worth mentioning. for anyone that doesn't know, SS4 Gogeta has an alternate costume in some of the Dragon Ball fighting video games that looks very similar to the most famous sketch of SS5. Should this be added to the article? -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 05:04, September 21, 2013 (UTC)

I think I've seen it in Infinite World Countess45 (talk) 23:46, May 15, 2014 (UTC)

Official Release

Akira Toryama obviously liked Toyble's manga because Shueisha hired him instead of suing him.  Then why hasn't it been officially released?  The character designs and fantastic!  It could be released as a manga sequel to GT, for those who want a glimpse of where that timeline was headed.

When I was younger

My brother told me about DBAF. I was really happy. I found out it wasn't real so I gave up with that for a while. I found Toybles manga and read a few pages of it. I liked the ideas of it so I tried to make them canon-I failed of course.

It makes sense that it started out as a April fools joke that was mention on the show itself. Then some guy made an image we all thought it was the real thing and now we know the closest thing to AF are the costumes in the video games. Ss4 Gogeta, GGABaby and maybe even Eis and Omega.

There is no proof AF was an April's Fool joke.

There is zero evidence to the claim Dragon Ball AF was just an April Fool's joke. Just because the initials are "AF" does not mean they stand for "April Fool's"; to call it an April Fool's joke is completely speculation. Furthermore, this page claims that Dragon Ball AF was an April's Fool joke in 1997 after Dragon Ball GT ended. That doesn't make any sense, because Dragon Ball GT ended in November 1997.

The fact of the matter is, the earliest known record of the purpoted "Super Saiyan 5" picture is from the May 1999 issue of Hobby Consolas, a Spanish magazine. That doesn't prove AF was an April Fool's joke at all. Strawberries1 (talk) 09:15, March 11, 2016 (UTC)

The article doesn't say it was an April Fools joke. Who are you arguing with? -- SSJ4 Goku(2).jpg 10X.Ka.me.ha.me.ha.....talk.....contrib. 03:53, March 13, 2016 (UTC)

SS5 isn't Goku after all

Common belief is that SS5 is Goku, that's incorrect. The unknown sliver form, belongs to an original character called Tablos. http://af-dragonball.blogspot.com.es/2012/01/dragon-ball-af.html (Kaleifla (talk) 08:33, June 11, 2017 (UTC))

It's true there is not Goku SSJ5, that character is the called Tablos (Unknown Saiyan), that finally appears Tablos in the Base Form. http://af-dragonball.blogspot.com.es/2017/06/the-day-has-come-real-tabloss-face.html (BabyKratosZeus (talk) 02:07, December 12, 2017 (UTC))

Suggestion: Add a section to the article discussing its impact on the franchise and canon material.

I feel like it deserves mentioning in the article itself (possibly in a section called impact on or parallels with the franchise) how AF may have ultimately affected Dragon Ball. Seeing as Toyotaro partially rose to notoriety through his AF doujin, and notably the many parallels between that fan doujin and Super itself (or at least, the Goku Black arc). Concepts such as a Supreme Kai Saiyan with a unique transformation who partners with an evil Supreme Kai who wished to use Goku's power, and Vegeta fighting through switching transformations mid-battle originated with Toyotaro/Toyble's AF, the former of which had so much in common with the Black arc as a whole (and interviews show Toyotaro may have to some extent developed the arc with Toriyama, seeing as it was Toyotaro's idea to include Vegito in said arc overall) that it at least deserves mention as an extreme coincidence in my opinion.

Without AF, there's a very BIG chance that Super as we know it today may not have existed, so I feel some of the former at least deserves mentioning in the article, at least possibly in the trivia section.

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