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"Taking the Air" (だいくうちゅうせん Daikūchūsen!, lit. "A Great Mid-Air Battle!") is the forty-fifth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover page features Goku in a fighting stance, while the background depicts a variety of African wildlife. The cover is in color, and has a red-black-brown color palette.


Goku jumps past Nam

The chapter begins with Goku waking up just as Nam lands on him using the Cross Arm Dive. Nam asks the announcer to start the countdown, which he does. As the countdown is happening, Nam explains that he will not kill Goku, but he will be asleep for ten days. Just as the countdown reaches ten, Goku manages to rise, shocking everyone in the vicinity.

Nam falls out of the arena

Once the shock has cleared from his system, Nam attempts the technique again, sure it will finish him this time. Seeing his opponent jump into the sky, Goku tags along. As Nam begins to dive, he sees Goku zoom passed him. Upset that he jumped too high, Goku falls back down to Nam's level. Tired of the insanity of the match, Nam attempts to end it by hitting the boy with the Cross Arm Dive again; however, Goku reaches the ground before his opponent and kicks him square in the chest, sending him out of the ring. Goku is declared the winner! Yamcha and Krillin are excited for Goku, but Jackie is a little worried.






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