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TPP - EX (short for Tao Pai Pai EX) is a robot used by Master Shen to take revenge on Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.


It is designed to have a head similar to that of Cyborg Tao and the body of a Pirate Robot (with a color swap, to resemble the Skull Robot, a recurring enemy in the game).


After Master Shen kidnaps Chiaotzu, Tien and the others get worried and go looking for him. They ask Fortuneteller Baba where he is, to which she replies he is in Mutaito's Training Grounds. Tien, Yamcha and Krillin soon make their way to the area, and encounter Master Shen in a cave, at the top of the mountain. He then explains how he was angry at Tien for humiliating him and his brother, Tao. He then unleashes his robot weapon, the TPP - EX. The TPP - EX was quickly disposed of by the group, and then Tien threatened Shen, who promptly left, never to be seen again (except in flashbacks).

Techniques and Special Abilities

The TPP - EX has all the same abilities as the Pirate Robots, but lacks a sword. However, he can absorb Ki attacks: he regains HP whenever one hits it.

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