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"Hit? Jiren? Alright - let's DO THIS!"
— Gogeta before further increasing the power of the attack in "Ultimate Conclusion! The Universal Conflict Ends!"

Super Warrior Unit that Crushes Everything (全てを打ち砕く超戦士ユニット Subete o Uchikudaku Chō Senshi Yunitto) is a combined Energy Wave used by Gogeta, Hit and Jiren.


To begin the attack, Gogeta fires his Ultimate Kamehameha. Then, Hit and Jiren fly up on either side of him and add their energy to the attack while Gogeta increases its power, Hit's purple ki and Jiren's fiery ki swirling around the Kamehameha before fully assimilating into the blast and turning it a brilliant white, devastating the opponent.


Harmonic Kamehameha 3

The full force of Gogeta, Hit and Jiren's combined strength breaks through the God Meteor

When faced with Ultimate Godslayer Hearts's God Meteor, Gogeta uses his Ultimate Kamehameha to push back against the massive attack, before Hit and Jiren arrive to assist him. Their combined power drastically augments the Kamehameha to the point where it blasts straight through the God Meteor, leaving Hearts shocked and wondering if Goku and Vegeta (as Gogeta) have no limitations.

Video Game Appearances

The technique was named in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission 12, where it is Gogeta: UM’s Ultimate Unity. It differs from its appearance in the anime, consisting of Jiren and Hit's energy beams being fired alongside Gogeta's Kamehameha in triple energy wave fashion rather than swirling around it, and is followed by Gogeta dashing through the combined blast to deliver a final punch in a similar manner to the one he used to kill Hearts. Additionally, Gogeta lands and flexes as the attack reaches its conclusion.[1]



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