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Super Soul is a type of item in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Their use and function is similar to Z-Souls from Dragon Ball Xenoverse.


Like Z-Souls from Xenoverse, Super Souls are a type of equipment that can be equipped to grant certain bonuses or special effects. Additionally, certain Super Souls can alter the user' Ki Blast type which changes the nature of their Chargeable Ki Blasts.

Each Super Soul features a quote or word relating to the Dragon Ball series. In addition to the Future Warrior, other playable characters like Goku may have certain Super Souls equipped to a specific skillset or skillsets, though some characters (like the playable Supervillain forms lack Super Souls entirely). Like Z-Souls in Xenoverse some Super Souls reference non-playable characters (such as Babidi, Chiaotzu, Dende, Old Kai, Caulifla, Kale, Kibito, Shin, or Gowasu) or forms (like Kid Goku from Dragon Ball).

Limit Burst

"You can trigger a Limit Burst by holding down Right Control Stick Button. Limit Bursts boosts your ATK and Health recovery rate, among other abilities. The effects of a Limit Burst changes depending on the Super Soul you have equipped. You can see the effects of each Super Soul on the Super Soul info screen. Limit Bursts may only be activated once per team during a quest or battle. The more KO'd members a team has, the greater the boosts gained from a Limit Burst."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Limit Burst Tutorial description

After the 1.09.00 Update, Super Souls gain a new feature called Limit Burst which can be activated once per team during a battle or quest. Limit Burst grants various effects such as Auto Health, Ki, Stamina, or Revival Gauge regeneration, boost ATK or DEF, or grant Super Armor. However in addition to beneficial effects some come with negative effects to balance out the positive ones. The more KO'd members a team has the greater the effect though it can only be activated once per team thus if one team member activates it then it can't be activated by another member of that team. Additionally the CPU not programmed to use Limit Burst, thus it can only be utilized by player controlled characters. The update adds Limit Burst information to each Super Souls info description (save for Super Souls unavailable to the Future Warrior or for Partner Customization such as Goku Black's "This pain will make me stronger!" and Ultra Instinct Goku's "Ultra Instinct!").

List of Z-Souls

Android Super Souls

A list of Super Souls of the Red Ribbon Androids:

Android 13
Android 16
Android 17 (DBZ)
  • "Getting beat up makes me cranky..."
Android 17 (DB Super)
  • "Time to get serious, I guess."
Super 17
  • "Now it's my turn."
Android 18

Bio-Android Super Souls

A list of Super Souls of Cell & his offspring:

Cell (First Form)
Cell (Perfect)
Cell (Full Power)
Cell Jr.
  • "Keeeeeeeee!!"

Deity Super Souls

A list of Super Souls for Angels, Gods of Destruction, Core People, and Core People-based fusions:

God of Destruction Beerus
  • "Before creation comes ruin..."
God of Destruction Champa
Old Kai
Future Zamasu
Fused Zamasu
  • "I shall show you my great godly might!"
  • "I won't use my full power yet!"
South Kai
Supreme Kai Gowasu
Supreme Kai Shin
  • "Let's just enjoy the game right now."
  • "Watch Your Tongue"

Demon Realm Super Souls

A list of Super Souls for Demon Realm race characters and Babidi:

  • "I'll make good use of you!"
  • "The real fight starts now!"
  • "Right, then... Let's begin the experiment!"
  • "Someone, satisfy me..."
  • "Revival of the Demon Realm is at hand!"

Galactic Frieza Army Super Souls

A list of Super Souls of the Frieza Force members, Cooler, & Metal Cooler:

Frieza/Golden Frieza
  • "The real hell begins here!"
  • "I'm nothing like my brother!"
Metal Cooler
  • "I must tell Lord Frieza..."
  • "I'll kill all of you!!"
  • "Tch... Guess I have no choice."
  • "Gyau!!!!!
  • "H-How could he?!"

Ginyu Force Super Souls

A list of Super Souls for members of the Ginyu Force:

Captain Ginyu
  • "Let me show you how it's done.
  • "I'm the fastest in the universe!"
  • "We're the one and only Ginyu Force!"

Galactic Patrol Super Souls

A list of Super Souls for Galactic Patrolman:

  • "This is amazing! YOU'RE amazing!"
  • "It's the "Super Elite!""

Earthling/Human Super Souls

A list of Super Souls for Earthling characters:

Great Saiyaman 2/Videl
  • "Evil will never prosper here!"
  • "I refuse to give up..."
  • "Why would I ever do that?!"
Mr. Satan
  • "I've had enough of you!"
Tien Shinhan
  • "Get lost before I send you flying."

Hybrid Saiyan Super Souls

A list of Super Souls for Hybrid Saiyan/Earthling characters:

Future Gohan
  • "Time to dismantle you androids!"
Gohan (Kid)
  • "Drop dead!!!"
Gohan (Teen)
  • "This truly pointless..."
  • "I wanted to kill you with my own hands."
Great Saiyaman/Gohan (Adult/Ultimate)
Future Trunks (DBZ/DBS/Xeno)
Trunks (Kid)
Trunks (GT)
  • "Finally, some excitement."
  • "Don't go all-out!"
  • "That looks fun!"
  • "I...hate you!!!"

Saiyan Super Souls

A list of Super Souls for Saiyan characters:

  • "Now it's all over..."
  • "A monster? No, I'm a devil!"
  • "My Ki is building... Overflowing..."
  • "I'll make you regret that!"
Goku (Kid)
Goku (DBZ/DBS)
Goku (GT/Super Saiyan 4)
Goku Black
  • "You cocky little...!"
Vegeta (DBZ/DBS/GT)

Saiyan Fusion Super Souls

A list of Super Souls used by fused Saiyan & fused Hybrid Saiyan characters:

Gogeta (DBZ/GT)
  • "I will defeat you!"
  • "One finger is enough for you."
  • "I'll send you to Hell!"
Vegito (DBZ/DBS)

Majin Super Souls

A list of Super Souls for Majin race characters & Janemba:

Majin Buu (Innocent/Small/Good)
Super Buu (Base/Gohan Absorbed)
Kid Buu (Pure Majin Buu)
  • "Janemba! Janemba!"

Namekian Super Souls

A list of Super Souls for Namekian characters:

Lord Slug
  • "I must protect Grand Elder Guru!"
Young Namekian
  • "Stop trampling on Namek's peace!"

Movie Super Souls

A list of Super Souls for Movie only characters not listed in other groups:

  • "Now, give your father a message for me."
  • "Earth is in your hands now!"

Multiverse Mortal Super Souls

A list of Super Souls for Universe 2, Universe 6, and Universe 11 characters (Universe 6 Deities & Saiyans excluded):

  • "For beauty! For elegance! For love!"
  • "I'm over 1,000 years old."
  • "Now you understand. Surrender."
  • "This heat... will be your downfall!"
  • "Hmph! For justice!"

Shadow Dragon Super Souls

A list of Super Souls for Shadow Dragons:

Eis Shenron
  • "Just win, okay?"
Nuova Shenron
  • "I've waited for this fight..."
Omega Shenron
  • "Strengthen me, Shadow Dragons!"

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