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Super Shenron (スーパー シェンロン Sūpā Shenron, lit. "Super Divine Dragon" or "Super Dragon God") is the Eternal Dragon who appears when the Super Dragon Balls are gathered.

In the English dub, it is said that this divine dragon is Zalama.[1]


Super Shenron is a pure yellow color with a gold tone on his body, has bright crimson eyes, large bat wings instead of the feathery ones around the species he was designed from, coincidently has no legs, and spikes around his tail. He is incomprehensibly large in size, shown to be many times more colossal than the multiple amount of galaxies between Universes 6 and 7; this makes him without question the largest Eternal Dragon in the entire Dragon Ball franchise (as well as the biggest creature). However, as shown at the end of the Tournament of Power, Super Shenron can in fact decrease his size if he wishes to, as he appeared only slightly bigger than the arena.

According to Beerus, the form they must deliver a wish to is the core of his presence, or rather like the nucleus, instead of having to deliver it to his true massive-sized form.



Super Shenron is the Dragon of the Gods (神の龍 Kami no ryū). He was made when the Dragon God, Zalama, formed the Super Dragon Balls. To summon the Super Shenron, one must say the phrase, "Come forth, Dragon of the Gods, and grant my wish pretty peas!" ("Dragon of the Gods" is changed to "Divine Dragon" and "Pretty peas" is changed to "Peas and Carrots" in the Funimation dub) in the Divine Language. The wisher must also state their wish in the same language for Super Shenron to grant it.

Dragon Ball Super

Universe 6 Saga

Main article: Universe 6 Saga

Super Shenron is summoned

Super Shenron is summoned by Whis in the language of the gods. Super Shenron wakes up from his slumber and breaks through his barrier. After he breaks through his barrier, he stretches throughout space and gets bigger than multiple galaxies. After Super Shenron concludes, he sends Whis and the others in the cube in his body to get to his core to be able to ask for a wish. Super Shenron only speaks in the Divine Language and he commands for a wish to grant. By the order of Beerus, Whis wishes for Universe 6's Earth to be restored and the humans along with it. However, when Bulma asked Beerus what he wished for, Beerus casually answered that he asked for a more comfortable bed, avoiding getting into the topic of his relation to Champa.

"Future" Trunks Saga

Main article: "Future" Trunks Saga In the original unaltered timeline, Super Shenron was summoned by Zamasu and granted his wish to switch bodies with Goku. In a bonus chapter of the manga it is revealed that before doing this Zamasu mistakenly assumed Monaka was stronger than Goku causing him to swap bodies with him instead, only to realize his mistake before, ultimately, swapping bodies with Goku. After arriving in Future Trunks' timeline, Goku Black met his counterpart Future Zamasu and they summoned Future Super Shenron to grant Future Zamasu's wish for immortality. He was summoned again by the duo after they traveled another year into the future and granted their wish for the Super Dragon Balls to destroy themselves, killing himself in the process.

Later in the anime only, in the Forest of Terror Super Shenron's nucleus appeared as an illusion, summoned by Fortuneteller Baba, to ensnare Goku and his Flying Nimbus. Goku couldn't use his energy to destroy the illusion because he could also destroy the Nimbus cloud. Krillin then attacked the dragon, and Goku got free. Goku and Krillin destroyed the illusion with a combined Kamehameha.

Universe Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga

Super Shenron summoned again to grant Android 17's wish

During the organization of Tournament of Power, the Super Dragon Balls were announced as the prize for the winner of the tournament and consequently, that Super Shenron will be able to fulfill any desire that they asked him. At the end of the tournament, Android 17, the last fighter onstage, is granted a wish with the Super Dragon Balls. Super Shenron appears after being summoned by the Grand Minister and uses his power to grant 17's wish - to bring back the erased universes who participated.

Dragon Ball Heroes

Universe Creation Saga

Main article: Universe Creation Saga

Super Shenron near Earth

When Fu uses the Universe Tree in a plan to create a new universe, it comes at the consequence of the currently existing universes with its planet and inhabitants being sucked dry of their energy. Beerus and Champa gather the Super Dragon Balls together and summon Super Shenron near the planet Earth, asking him to destroy the tree which he successfully does.

Second Alternate Timeline

In the altered future timeline created by Whis warning Future Beerus (in the manga it was Future Mai and Future Trunks traveling to the moment before Future Dabura killed Future Shin to prevent Future Beerus' death, which was sanctioned by Present Beerus) Future Super Shenron presumably still exists.


Manga and Anime

Super Shenron has no apparent limits to what he can do - but only grants only one wish per summoning. In the anime, Beerus noted that he could have wished the dragon to destroy the universe if he wanted to. It was guessed by Vegeta that Super Shenron can resurrect beings and/or Universes erased from existence as he told Cabba that he would bring Cabba and Universe 6 if Team Universe 6 was eliminated from the Tournament of Power. This was proven true as Android 17 wished for all erased universes to be restored and this was noteworthy as it brought back over trillions of beings from seven erased universes.

Whis also speculates that the Dragon could kill even a God of Destruction if it was desired. Frieza also presumes that the Super Shenron could grant him the desire to reign over all Gods. As shown by Zamasu's wishes, Super Shenron can grant body swap wishes, which while similar to Ginyu's Body Change, differ in that the swapped individuals retain their current body's original voice (as Goku Black has the same voice as Goku) and it can only be undone with another wish.

In general, Super Shenron's ability to grant any wish could be dangerous even to his own existence as he could grant a wish for the Super Dragon Balls to be destroyed. Due to conflicting statements, it is unknown if he is more powerful than even Zeno. The two Zenos claimed Super Shenron "can do anything" and "grant anything" and while he has been stated to be capable of granting any wish with no limitations, Zeno has been stated to be completely unsurpassed by anyone, with it being said that there is nothing in the multiverse that is above him. At the very least, in Dragon Ball Super it appears that immortality granted by Super Shenron does not make a person immune to his erase ability, though later in Dragon Ball Heroes it is implied that it does. Super Shenron was, however, the only known being capable of bringing back beings erased by Zeno, as he effortlessly restored all the erased universes, indicating his power probably doesn't fall too far behind Zeno's.

While his abilities as a combatant are unknown, Super Shenron was able to effortlessly gulp down planets in a single bite due to his size, which dwarfs even galaxies.

Video Games

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes and World Mission, Super Shenron abilities are more limited due to his nature as the game world incarnation of Super Shenron though he still has a lot of power over the game as wishes made to him often relate to the game or the summoner's Hero Avatar. Additionally the game world incarnation of the Super Dragon Balls are far less difficult to obtain than the real ones.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Flight - Super Shenron is capable of sustained flight.
  • Wish Granting - As the original Eternal Dragon, Super Shenron can grant any wish, no matter what - the sole limitation being that it will only ever grant one wish per summoning.
    • Magic Materialization - A magical ability used to create physical matter out of nothing.
    • Resurrection - The act of returning a deceased individual to life. In some cases, however, the act of bringing someone back to life will result in the person who did the act dying. Super Sheron is capable of even bringing back entire universes that have been erased.
    • Body Switching - Super Shenron can switch the souls of two entities.
    • Immortality Granting - The concept of living in physical or spiritual form for an infinite length of time without dying.
    • Wish - A special card ability in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Super Shenron can transport someone inside of himself where his core is when summoned for a wish to be granted as a way to communicate due to its unfathomable size that eclipses entire solar systems.
  • Size Manipulation - Super Shenron is able to shrink down to varying degrees or grow back to his normal his size.

Video Game Appearances

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, the Super Dragon Balls can be collected and Super Shenron can be summoned to grant one wish from the wish list. It should be noted that the Super Dragon Balls and Super Shenron in World Mission are actually from the SDBH game world and the wishes are entirely game related. Unlike most games that allow the player to make wishes to one of the Eternal Dragons, Super Shenron cannot grant wishes for more Zeni presumably for economic reasons in-universe as the Super Dragon Balls of the SDBH game world are relatively easy to obtain compared to the real Super Dragon Balls.

World Mission Wish List
  • "Change My Avatar" - Allows Beat to change the race of his Hero Avatar (the Saiyan race Avatars are separated by gender) though doing so will reset their Avatar back to Level 1 and any class upgrades will be lost. However all unlocked Camaraderie Bonus stats, transformations, Abilities, types, and Super Attacks will be retained though some may require a class upgrade to access them. Changing Avatars also allows the player to reset there avatar if they accidentally upgraded their class before reaching Level 99 (it is best to wait until reaching Level 99 before upgrading to the next class in order to receive the best stats after class upgrade as doing so reverts the Avatar back to Level 1 with stats based upon their level before class up).
  • Promote My Avatar to Super Class" - This wish promotes Beat's Avatar to Super Class (note Class-up is called Super Class in World Mission. It is best to wait until the Hero Avatar is at Lvl. 99 before upgrading to receive the best stats after reventing to Lvl. 1. The only way to reverse the class upgrade is to change to a different race then change back using a second wish. Promoting the Saiyan Avatars to Super Class makes the wish to unlock Super Saiyan 2 available provided the Super Saiyan form was acquired with a previous wish.
    • "Promote My Avatar to Ultimate Class" - This wish promotes Beat's Super Class Avatar to Ultimate Class (note Super Class-up is called Ultimate Class in World Mission. Again it is best to wait until the Super Class Avatar reaches Lvl 99 to ensure they get the best stats after reventing to Lvl. 1. Promoting the Saiyan Avatar to Ultimate Class makes the wish to unlock Super Saiyan 3 available provided the Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 forms were acquired with two previous wishes.
      • "Promote My Avatar to God Class" - This wish promotes Beat's Ultimate Class Avatar to God Class. Saiyan Avatars gain a permanent Super Saiyan God form upon upgrading to God Class.
        • "Promote My Avatar to Super God Class" - This wish promotes Beat's God Class Avatar to Super God Class. Saiyan Avatars gain a permanent Super Saiyan Blue form upon upgrading to Super God Class.
  • "Greatly increase my EXP!" - This wish increases the EXP of Beat's Hero Avatar.
  • "Greatly increase my Camaraderie!" - This wish increases the Camaraderie of the character or characters in Beat's currently selected deck. It should only be used for characters who have not yet achieved Max Camaraderie otherwise it is a waste of a wish.
  • "Grant me a Shenron Medal" - This wish gets Beat a Shenron Medals which are a special item of which the more you collect you get different and effective buffs. For example, collecting 10 will give a buff of +1000 HP during the start of every battle. The Shenron Medal count is listed in the Super Dragon Balls Status Menu after obtaining one from Super Shenron. The bonuses are as follows:
    • 10 = Team HP increases by 1000 at the start of battle
    • 25 = Team HP increases by 2000 at the start of battle
    • 50 = Team HP increases by 3000 at the start of battle
    • 75 = Team HP increases by 4000 at the start of battle
    • 99 = Team HP increases by 5000 at the start of battle
    • 150 = Team HP + 5000 at the start of battle + Probability of Miracle Perfect is up
    • 200 = Team HP + 5000 at the start of battle + Probability of Miracle Perfect is further increased
    • 250 = Team HP + 5000 at the start of battle + Probability of Miracle Perfect greatly improved
  • "Teach me a Super Attack!" - This wish allows Super Shenron to teach Beat new Super Attacks (one Super Attack per wish) that can be used by Beat's Hero Avatar regardless of its selected type, race, or gender. Several powerful Super Attacks can be learned from Super Shenron.
  • "Increase my module slots!" - This wish allows Beat to unlock one of the two locked Hero Robo Module slots found in each Round Set (R1, R2, R3, R4, R5/FR) allowing Beat to equip more modules. As there are 5 Rounds and 2 Locked slots per round, it takes ten wishes to unlock all the locked slots.
  • "Grant me a Battle Module!" - This wish will grant Beat a rare battle module for his Hero Robo. Before making this wish one should make sure they have a open slot or have a module they are willing to discard and replace with the module obtained via the wish. Alternatively Beat can discard the rare module for EXP, though this is somewhat of a waste as one can simply select "Greatly increase my EXP!"

Wishes granted

Dragon Ball Super
  • Asked by Whis in space
    • Beerus tells Whis to wish for Universe 6's Earth to be restored and the humans along with it.
  • Zamasu in his original unaltered timeline wished to switch bodies with Monaka while under the impression he was stronger than Goku, only to realize that Monaka was actually a weakling. (manga bonus chapter only)
  • Zamasu in his original unaltered timeline wished to switch bodies with Goku in an act to steal his body.
  • Future Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls and wished for immortality for a long term plan to destroy all mortals in his timeline.
  • Future Zamasu wished to destroy the Super Dragon Balls in his timeline.
  • Asked by the Grand Minister in the Null Realm.
Dragon Ball Heroes

Voice Actors


  • Super Shenron is the second Eternal Dragon in the series who can only grant wishes spoken in a foreign language, Porunga is the first.
    • Super Shenron is so far the only Eternal Dragon who will only speak in a different language.
  • Super Shenron shares many distinct similarities with the Huanglong/Yinglong from Chinese mythology, Huanglong (also known as Yinglong), was a divine spirit, protector and symbol of the Yellow Emperor, However, the resemblance ends at appearance. There are two carnations of mythology, one stating that Yinglong is the mother of the Sacred Beasts Suzaku and Kirin. While the other states that a Dragon requires at least 1500 years of cultivation to become an Yinglong.
  • Super Shenron is the second Eternal Dragon with wings, the first was Black Smoke Shenron.
    • Unlike Black Smoke Shenron, Super Shenron's wings are actually connected to his arms.
  • Curiously, following the Tournament of Destroyers, when Super Shenron is summoned, he transports the Dragon Team inside of himself to talk to his core for their wish to be granted; however, when he is summoned following the Tournament of Power, he instead talks to them face-to-face (instead of transporting him to his core) for their wish.
  • Super Shenron is the second Eternal Dragon that has been killed in the series, the first one being Shenron.



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