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Each of the Shadow Dragons is able to take on their own unique Super form. In the Dragon Ball GT anime only Rage Shenron, Naturon Shenron, and Syn Shenron achieve their Super forms.


Super Haze Shenron

Rage Shenron is the only Shadow Dragon in the anime who can take on his Super form without assistance, achieving the form through Electric Slime Body Build. Naturon Shenron takes on his form by absorbing a strong enough target, taking on his Super form in the anime through the absorption of Pan. Syn Shenron can transform into his Super form (named Omega Shenron in the English dub) by absorbing all of the other cracked Dragon Balls.

In the Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission, Haze Shenron achieves his Super form thanks to Oceanus Shenron. Naturon Shenron also achieves his form once more through the absorption of Forte. Rage Shenron takes his on in an attempt to combat Super Saiyan 4 Broly but is defeated.



Main article: Transcended Demon God

File:Makyouka Omega full.png

Transcended Demon God Xeno Omega Shenron

Xeno Omega Shenron can enter a hybrid state that combines the Transcended Demon God with his Super Shadow Dragon form.

King of Destruction

Main article: King of Destruction

King of Destruction Omega Shenron in Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime

During the New Space-Time War Saga, Omega Shenron can utilize the King of Destruction to enhance his Super Shadow Dragon form. Like other users of the King of Destruction state, Omega Shenron gains a Majin Mark on his forehead, though unlike other users his eyes turn red similar to Shenron.

Video Game Appearances

Syn Shenron appears in his Omega Shenron form in most of his game appearances. All of the other Shadow Dragons who did not utilize a Super form in the anime achieve their form in the Jaaku Missions of Dragon Ball Heroes.

Syn Shenron's counterpart Xeno Syn Shenron has his own Xeno Omega Shenron form which resembles the Omega Shenron of the Cracked Dragon Balls but with a different darker color palette and Dark Dragon Balls instead of the cracked Earth's Dragon Balls.


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