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Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiyan Goku is the twenty-sixth volume of the original Funimation Dragon Ball Z DVD and VHS releases. It includes three installments from the Frieza Saga: episodes 79, 80, 81.

Cover art

The cover art depicts Super Saiyan Goku surrounded by smoke, having survived Frieza's Continuous Energy Waves without the slightest amount of damage.


  • Power of the Spirit - Chaos erupts on King Kai's peaceful planet as the Z soldiers battle the Ginyu Force! Back on Namek, a life and death struggle between Piccolo and Frieza buys Goku the time he needs to finish gathering enough energy to form the Spirit Bomb! And when Goku scores a direct hit on Frieza, it looks like the battle is over at last!
  • Transformed at Last - A tender victory celebration comes to a crashing halt when Frieza reappears on the battlefield! With no reserves left, Goku watches helplessly as Frieza fells Piccolo and destroys Krillin. Enraged by the loss of the his friends, Goku suddenly undergoes a wild transformation! What does this mean? Who is this man of gold?
  • Explosion of Anger - Engulfed in a shimmering aura of golden light, a completely rejuvenated Goku announces that he is now a Super Saiyan! Frieza is curious but unimpressed - until the fighting begins, that is! In a raging battle Frieza is horrified when he realizes that Goku is now superior to him in every way!

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