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The Super Saiyan Gods (スーパーサイヤじんゴッド Sūpā Saiya-jin Goddo) were a righteous race and heroic subspecies of the Saiyans[1] descended from the original Super Saiyan God.


The Super Saiyan Gods fought a long battle with the wicked Saiyans, however they only knew defeat as long as they existed - with only one victory to their name - and thus were eventually referred to as "the defeated" by their descendant Giblet. They were eventually wiped out by the evil Saiyans.[1]

Super Saiyan God's Bloodline

Though the original Super Saiyan God had perished in his battle against the Evil Saiyans, he left behind descendants who continued their ancestor's fight against the Evil Saiyans. Two of these descendants happened to be the twin brothers named Giblet and Shallot. To brothers trained in the hope of one day achieving the Super Saiyan God form seeing it as their birthright due being of the Original Super Saiyan God's bloodline.

Tournament of Time

During the Tournament of Time, Shallot and Giblet are among those transported to Earth (during the period after the Tournament of Power) from various time periods. Dr. Gero would manage to collect Shallot's cells, which he added to a new incarnation of Cell making this new Cell genetically a partial member of this subspecies. Additionally the Cell Jr. produced by the new Cell are also genetically partial members as well. However New Cell and his Cell Juniors are all slain with New Cell being killed by Super Saiyan 2 Shallot and Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Teen) during the Super Cell Games.

Shallot undergoing the Super Saiyan God ritual with the assistance of Goku, Gohan (Teen), Future Trunks (Teen), Cabba, and Caulifla in Dragon Ball Legends

In order to combat Giblet who is allied with the Mastermind's group, Beerus and Whis have Team Beerus (consisting of Shallot, Bulma (Youth), & Jaco) track down five Saiyan tournament participates with righteous hearts so Shallot can take part in the Super Saiyan God ritual to achieve the form. Shallot manages to recruit Bardock (Bardock - The Father of Goku), Gohan (Teen), Cabba who had previously aided Shallot during the Super Cell Games along with Caulifla and Kale whom Shallot had previously befriended while helping Caulifla find Kale who was under the control of Babidi's Dark Ki (though it is later revealed that he was just a pawn for Giblet & the true Mastermind)), as well as Future Trunks (Teen) who aided Shallot and Cabba during Team Beerus' conflict with Innocent Buu and the Organization of Babidi. Unfortunately, Bardock is late due to not knowing the location where they would meet and him deciding join Shallot's other allies in holding off members of the Mastermind's group, while Kale is injured to prevent her from participating in the ritual. However fortunately Beerus had held the present era Goku in reserve and he takes Kale's place. As a result, Goku, Gohan, Future Trunks, Cabba, & Caulifla take part in the ritual which successfully transforms Shallot into his Super Saiyan God form.

In addition to Shallot, Giblet achieves his Super Saiyan God form off screen through as yet unrevealed means. With the aid of the Mastermind, Giblet can utilize the Dark Ki to enhance his Super Saiyan God form. However despite this, Super Saiyan God Shallot is able to defeat his brother in combat during their epic battle at the Ice Continent which frees Giblet from the influence of the Dark Ki. However not soon after, Shallot's ally Zahha reveals himself to be the Mastermind's true identity as he betrays Shallot by literally stabbing him in the back. Zahha also reveals that he manipulated both brothers into fighting by manipulating their memories and fostering Giblet's hatred for the modern Saiyans and Shallot as the phantom Mastermind which was simply a illusionary puppet created via Zahha's magic. Zahha reveals that he did this all to perfect and complete the Omnificence Crystal, a prototype Super Dragon Ball that was originally deemed as a failure, though Zahha managed to complete it by placing one of the two orbs that make up the Omnificence Crystal in to Giblet and Shallot, then having the twins fight. After injuring Shallot, Zahha removes both halves to form the complete Omnificence Crystal which can grant any desire as long as it is supplied with enough Kili and is powerful enough to dispel Goku's God Kamehameha and Beerus' Hakai. Zahha also uses it to perform Hakai on Beerus and his allies, though Bulma, Jaco, & Shallot are able to escape and Goku is later revealed to have survived, being the one responsible of hiring Hit to protect Shallot while Goku himself was busy gathering allies to oppose Zahha.

Known members of the race

Artificial Partial Members
  • New Cell (due to possessing descendant Shallot's cells)
  • New Cell Jr. (due to being the offspring of New Cell)


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