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The Super Saiyan Gods (スーパーサイヤじんゴッド Sūpā Saiya-jin Goddo) were a righteous race and heroic subspecies of the Saiyans[1] descended from the original Super Saiyan God.


The Super Saiyan Gods fought a long battle with the wicked Saiyans, however they only knew defeat as long as they existed - with only one victory to their name - and thus were eventually referred to as "the defeated" by their descendant Giblet. They were eventually wiped out by the evil Ancient Saiyans.[1]

Super Saiyan God's Bloodline

Though the original Super Saiyan God had perished in his battle against the Evil Saiyans, he left behind descendants who continued their ancestor's fight against the Evil Saiyans. Two of these descendants happened to be the twin brothers named Giblet and Shallot. The two brothers trained in the hope of one day achieving the Super Saiyan God form seeing it as their birthright due being of the Original Super Saiyan God's bloodline.

Known members of the race

Title Screen depicting the twin descendants of the original Super Saiyan God in their Super Saiyan God forms in Dragon Ball Legends

Artificial Partial Members
  • New Cell (due to possessing descendant Shallot's cells)
  • New Cell Jr. (due to being the offspring of New Cell)



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