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"That's right, you may have anticipated my attacks so far, but you have no idea what I am capable of now... and what you don't know... could hurt you."
Goku in "Raising the Stakes"

Super Saiyan 4 (スーパーサイヤじんフォー Sūpā Saiya-jin Fō) is a type of Super Saiyan transformation and the controlled variant of the Golden Great Ape form which first appeared in Dragon Ball GT. The form is a different branch of transformation from the earlier Super Saiyan forms, such as Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3.[5]


The only way a Saiyan can attain Super Saiyan 4 is if they have a high enough power level and become a Golden Great Ape (or Broly's variant) and regain conscious control over the form. Even after this form is attained, it cannot be accessed at will and requires exposure to Blutz Waves every time the user wishes to transform, however, in GT only, Goku is apparently a special case, capable of using the form whenever he wishes.[6] In Dragon Ball Heroes Gohan acquired the form without a tail while training, and Xeno Trunks was originally going to have acquired the form too showing that even Half-Saiyans born without tails can still acquire Super Saiyan 4.

The Super Saiyan 4 form was designed by Toei Animation's character designer Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru.[5] The form is a combination of the Super Saiyan and Great Ape forms attained through the Golden Great Ape form, it gifts the Saiyan with primal power,[7] though they retain a humanoid appearance. It is possibly the Legendary Super Saiyan that appears once every 1,000 years.[8]

This form gives the user the super strength and speed of a Great Ape, but with a calm, clever mind. But for others, it can make them very cold and aggressive.[9] A user of this form loses some of their rationality.[10]

The form's power is too great to be utilized by a child and so a child user is aged into an adult when using it. The form possesses all of the power of Golden Great Ape.[11]


Vegeta's Super Saiyan 4 form

In this form, the Saiyan's hair color differs, the same goes for the tail and the body is covered in red fur. A Saiyan in this form also possesses a shadow trim around their eyes and over the eyelids that varies in color, such as crimson. The hair is lengthened while becoming wilder, reaching down to the middle of their back, while two long pointed bangs of hair appear on both sides of the neck. It also makes the individual considerably larger in height and muscularity, as shown by Vegeta when his time limit ended and he reverted to his considerably smaller size.

The aura in this form loses the arcs of electricity, once again shaped like a regular Super Saiyan's smooth aura, (although in various video games, the aura was depicted as reddish with a small yellowish glow and sparks of bio-electricity). Most games depict the aura as the standard gold.

In the case of the Fusion Dance warrior Gogeta, the coloration of the aforementioned features seemingly switches, as Gogeta's hair became a bright shade of red whereas his fur became a dark shade of brown and the trim around his eyes were black instead of red. His aura also has yellow sparkles to it.

For Broly, his Super Saiyan 4 form is much like that of Goku's, though because he is using Legendary Super Saiyan 4, he retains the massively oversized muscles and lack of pupils his standard Legendary form possessed.

The form also apparently has a seemingly magical ability to restore the wearer's bottom clothing (in a manner reminiscent of Magic Materialization or clothing produced by the Metamoran Fusion Dance) even if it had been destroyed as a result of transforming into a Great Ape and/or Golden Great Ape beforehand to achieve Super Saiyan 4. This happens to both Goku and Vegeta (due to the Saiyan Prince wearing Earthling attire in GT). However upper body clothing that can adjust to the size of a Great Ape such as Gogeta's Metamoran vest (as the clothing is byproduct of the Fusion Dance) or Broly's necklace (which is seemingly designed to change size like Saiyan Battle Armor) will remain upon achieving Super Saiyan 4. However as shown by Bardock, Xeno Bardock, and Xeno Vegeta the upper body portions of their Saiyan Battle Armor are ironically removed while in their respective Super Saiyan 4 forms.

Usage and Power

"Light breaks the darkness! This form is my instrument - I have no limits."
Goku in "Baby Put to Rest"

Golden Great Ape Goku in the process of transforming

The Super Saiyan 4 form is a condensed version of the Great Ape's power,[12] drawing the power of its user up to its utmost limits.[5] This form is further stated by Old Kai to awaken the dormant power of the user. [13] This is reminescent of the Potential Unleashed transformation utilized by Gohan. [14] While Goku's Super Saiyan 3 form was unable to even faze Baby Vegeta, as soon as Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan 4, becoming an adult once more in the process, their roles in power became polar opposites, with Baby Vegeta being almost unable to hurt Goku. At the time of its debut, Super Saiyan 4 was the mightiest form in the entire series.[15] However, it is noted that Vegito may have been even stronger than Super Saiyan 4.[16]

This transformation allows users to utilize more powerful signature techniques. For example, Goku develops an attack he calls the 10x Kamehameha, as it is ten times (10x) stronger than the Super Kamehameha, Gogeta uses a powerful combined attack named 100x Big Bang Kamehameha in video games, and Broly has an attack named Gigantic Destruction. Despite this, the user can still perform the regular variants of their signature techniques if they so wished.

Like the Super Saiyan God form, this form also seems to allow the user to absorb energy attacks. However, unlike Super Saiyan God, the Super Saiyan 4 form does not use up the user's power when absorbing energy attacks. This is shown when Goku absorbs Great Ape Baby's Revenge Death Ball Final and turns it into a 10x Kamehameha.

Super Saiyan 4 also enhances the user's Saiyan Power ability in seemingly real time as during Goku's battle against Eis Shenron he was frozen solid by the Shadow Dragon, requiring Nuova Shenron's aid to escape. Afterwards, however, Goku adapted to and became completely unaffected by Eis Shenron's next usage of the attack as he instantly broke free while completely unfazed from the event. To which, Goku noted firmly that the same technique does not work twice on him. Later, against Syn Shenron, despite being blinded by Eis, once recharged by the other Saiyans' ki, Goku adapted so completely from Syn's previous assault that just using his other senses let him react to all of the Shadow Dragon's attacks effortlessly.

Unlike the Super Saiyan 3's strain due to the utilization in ki, this form does not require as much energy to maintain as Super Saiyan 3, allowing the user to stay in the state at a much longer duration. Although the form doesn't require much energy to use or maintain, the user can still fall out of the form if they run low, similar to Super Saiyan 3.[17] And while its ki consumption does not strain the user themselves, it does become straining when used in conjunction with Fusion Dance, significantly shortening the fusion time limit; as evidenced by Gogeta defusing within ten minutes instead of the regular half-hour limit.

In the Xenoverse series, both Beerus and Whis note the form to possess amazing power, and Goku, Vegeta, and Gogeta think that the form might be able to surpass Beerus. Whis considers it powerful enough to ask Goku if he would be willing to become a God of Destruction.

In the Prison Planet Saga, Super Saiyan 4 Xeno Goku proves to be able to battle Super Saiyan Blue Goku evenly in the manga and anime, however, in the game, Xeno Goku is defeated and has to catch his breath after the battle, while Goku does not, with Xeno Goku noting that Goku is a step above him in power.[18] In the anime, Xeno Vegito manages to fight on par with Super Saiyan 3 Cumber using this form, seemingly indicating that he was more powerful than Super Saiyan Blue Vegito - who could only clash evenly with base Cumber, while in the manga Super Saiyan 4 Xeno Vegito appeared to be the weaker of the two versions of Vegito, as he was the one who could only clash evenly with base Cumber.

In the Extra Pack 2 Story Mode, thanks to Fu altering and messing around with the timelines, a post Tournament of Power Goku as your partner meets Vegeta and himself while they are training in Whis' arena of godly ki, both of whom are being manipulated by Fu. Vegeta opts to battle the Future Warrior as the concept of two Kakarots annoys him. During the fight, Fu begins to flood Goku and Vegeta with Blutz Waves and turns them into Super Saiyan 4, much to Elder Kai's dismay, to which the Goku working with the Time Patrol responds with Super Saiyan Blue and feels compelled to fight himself who is using a form he does not even know about. During the fight, it is also implied that Super Saiyan 4 Goku (whose Super Saiyan state possessed the mastered energy of a god and was close to awakening Super Saiyan Blue) has comparable power to Super Saiyan Blue Goku (from the Tournament of Power), with Super Saiyan 4 Goku having the advantage in power. However, both he and Vegeta inevitably lose the battle.

In the English version of a Gohan and Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta post-match quote of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Gohan states he has never seen anything as powerful as Super Saiyan 4.[19] This is not in the original Japanese version.[20]

"Hahahahah...I am the prince of all Saiyans. I could never allow my reason to be overpowered by the primal mind."
— Vegeta declaring his control over the Great Ape form

This form is a transformation from Golden Great Ape, achieved when a Golden Great Ape has achieved a "human heart" - causing the birth of this form, which has both the tremendous power of the Golden Great Ape and the reasoning of a "human heart".[5] Unlike the main Super Saiyan forms, a user of this form will always appear as an adult,[5] this is because this form raises the power of the user to their prime physical condition, the user will not only appear as an adult but also look considerably younger, similar to the way they did during their prime years, (e.g. Goku's skin turning back into its original peach color, Vegeta's hair becoming the iconic flame-like appearance he always sported through his prime years).

Goku's Super Saiyan 4 form seen for the first time

The Super Saiyan 4 form is first achieved by Goku in Dragon Ball GT after transforming into a Golden Great Ape and witnessing his granddaughter Pan crying to calm him down. In this new form, Goku has enough strength to dominate Super Baby Vegeta 2, whose attacks (including the Revenge Death Ball) have no effect on Goku in this form. However, after Baby Vegeta transformed into a Golden Great Ape, things are far more even but despite Baby Vegeta's new power (even gripping Goku between his hands Goku still broke out of it with minor difficulties). Eventually, the two have a double Knock-out. Baby Vegeta is rejuvenated by Bulma's Blutz Waves Generator, however, and Goku regains the full power of Super Saiyan 4 to face him.

Goku's next opponent upon achieving the form is Super 17, who has easily defeated the other Z Fighters and proved to be Super Saiyan 4 Goku's first real challenge. Because of his energy absorbing abilities, Super 17 is able to turn all of Goku's energy attacks into his own power, making him stronger with each attack. Eventually, Goku reverts to his base form and kills the android (with the assistance of Android 18) using his Dragon Fist attack followed by a Kamehameha.

Vegeta (left) and Goku (right) as Super Saiyan 4s

Super Saiyan 4 proves to be incredibly helpful when Goku uses it to take down most of the evil Shadow Dragons. However, he meets his match in Syn Shenron, the strongest of the seven Shadow Dragons, who absorbs all of the Dragon Balls and becomes Omega Shenron. Omega Shenron's power proves to be far greater than that of a Super Saiyan 4, and Goku is thrashed around for most of the fight. Seeing how bad this situation has become, Vegeta uses Bulma's Blutz Wave Generator to grow a tail and become a Golden Great Ape like Goku. When he finally gains control, Vegeta is successful in becoming a Super Saiyan 4.

Gogeta's Super Saiyan 4 variation

However, even as a team, Goku and Vegeta still stand no chance against Omega Shenron. It is not until they fuse into Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta that their power vastly exceeds that of the Shadow Dragon. However, Gogeta spends too much time playing around with Omega Shenron and the fusion wears off in ten minutes rather than the usual 30 minutes, due to his own tremendous power, ultimately failing to finish Omega Shenron off in time (but manages to land a Big Bang Kamehameha on Omega which made him regurgitate the Dragon Balls, reverting him back into Syn Shenron). Goku eventually kills Omega Shenron with the Super Ultra Spirit Bomb.

During the Dark Empire Saga, Xeno Goku and Broly Dark both utilize this form in their three-way battle with each other and Mira (Towa absorbed). Xeno Vegeta later uses this form against Demon God Gravy, though is unable to take him down due to his injuries, at the same time Xeno Goku uses the form against Demon God Shroom, but is at a disadvantage for the same reason. This leads to the two fusing into Super Saiyan 4 Xeno Gogeta to battle the demons.

Xeno Vegito as a Super Saiyan 4

Xeno Goku utilized this form for nearly the entirety of his appearance in the Prison Planet Saga of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, battling Super Saiyan Blue Goku with it. Xeno Vegeta also utilized this form for the entirety of his appearance and fuses with Xeno Goku to form Super Saiyan 4 Xeno Vegito. Xeno Vegito then battles and defeat Super Saiyan 3 Cumber before defusing back into Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta.

In the Universe Creation Saga, both Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta take on this form while battling the mysterious Dr. W while in Hell. Xeno Goku uses his Kamehameha alongside Xeno Vegeta's Galick Gun but the combined attacks cause no damage to Dr. W who claims that his analysis on the two are completed. He then takes the data that he has received to Janemba.

Super Saiyan 4 Broly is fought by Beat and his friends in the Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission manga repeatedly, and acted as a minion for Genome, who wished to access the Dragon Balls. He was powerful enough to defeat Eis Shenron, Nuova Shenron (true form), and Rage Shenron (Electric Slime Body Build) with minimal effort, and also easily take out Super-Class Froze and Super-Class Beat, as well as being completely unaffected by attacks from the latter's Super Saiyan 3 form. During instances where he is present, he is also accompanied by a thunderstorm.

Variations and Enhancement

Super Full Power

Main article: Super Full Power Saiyan 4

Goku as a Super Full Power Saiyan 4

An "ultra full power" version of the Super Saiyan 4, which takes its user beyond their limits. It is achieved by absorbing an extreme amount of Saiya Power from other Saiyans.

In Goku's first usage of this state, it is described as a "fully-powered Super Saiyan 4" and gained a red aura which occasionally flashes over his whole body.

Limit Breaker

Main article: Super Full Power Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker

Xeno Goku utilizing Super Full Power Saiyan 4 Limit Broken

This form is a limit broken variation of the Super Full Power Saiyan 4 state which Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta attained during the Universe Creation Saga.

In this form, the Super Saiyan 4's body is filled to the brim with ki.


Although technically part of the Legendary Super Saiyan line, Broly had a Super Saiyan 4 variation that was a mixture of traits from both the standard Super Saiyan 4 line and the Legendary Super Saiyan line. Broly was implied to have achieved this form via the aid of Black Smoke Shenron in Jakku Mission 7. His Full-Power variation also has him sporting a huge gash across his chest, alluding to the stab wound he received when he was a baby.

Dark Corrupted

Main articles: Dark Dragon Ball and Super Saiyan 4 Full Power

Broly Dark

This form is the result of Broly using the Super Saiyan 4 transformation, combined with the significant power increases of the Time Breaker Mask and the Seven-Star Dark Dragon Ball. In this state, he is known as Broly Dark.

Dark Gogeta

Main articles: Absorption and Dark Gogeta

Fin transformed into Dark Gogeta as a result of absorbing Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta

This form is the result of the artificial Pure Majin Fin absorbing Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. Unlike Kid Buu's absorption, Fin is able to absorb the genetic data of any fighter he absorbs allowing him to achieve a corrupted Super Saiyan 4-Majin hybrid state known as Dark Gogeta. Even if Gogeta is removed from Fin's body, he retains the ability to transform into his Dark Gogeta form, though the state is weaker if Gogeta is not absorbed. In this state, Fin gains Gogeta's Metamoran clothing, hair, and SSJ4 tail.

Super Saiyan 4 Kaio-ken

Main article: Super Saiyan 4 Kaio-ken

Xeno Gogeta utilizing Super Saiyan 4 Kaio-ken

A drastically-empowered Kaio-ken version of Super Saiyan 4, used by Xeno Gogeta in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Ultra Fusion

The Ultra Fusion's unique form

The form utilized by Tekka's Ultra Fusion when a pure Saiyan male (such as Kid Goku in the story) is the one to instigate the fusion (or Tekka is a male Saiyan) resembles a golden Super Saiyan 4, though the hair on their arms does not go all the way down and is restricted to their shoulders, though they have a golden Saiyan tail. Female Saiyan Ultra Fusions lack the golden Super Saiyan 4 fur and their form instead resembles a Super Saiyan 3.

Video Game Appearances

Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta, Gohan, and Goku in Dragon Ball Heroes

Gogeta's alternate colored Super Saiyan 4 in the Budokai Tenkaichi series

In Dragon Ball Heroes, new characters were given this transformation. Beginning in November 2014, Super Saiyan 4 Broly appeared followed by GT Gohan in November 2015. In November 2017, Bardock also achieved this transformation. Xeno Vegito received it in November 2018.

In Xenoverse 2 as part of the Super Pack 4 DLC, there is an outfit and accessory based on Super Saiyan 4 Goku. When the upper body portion of the outfit is worn by female characters they also wear bra-like top to cover their chest which they wear over the Super Saiyan 4 Suit. The suit and accessory can be worn by all races and genders. In the Infinite History Saga, thanks to Fu altering and messing around with the timelines, a post Tournament of Power Goku as your partner meets Vegeta and himself while they are training Inside Whis's Staff, both of whom are being manipulated by Fu. Vegeta opts to battle the Future Warrior as the concept of two Kakarots annoys him. During the fight, Fu begins to flood Goku and Vegeta with Blutz Waves and turns them into Super Saiyan 4, much to Old Kai's dismay, to which the Goku working with the Time Patrol responds with Super Saiyan Blue and feels compelled to fight himself who is using a form he does not even know about. During the fight, it is also implied that Super Saiyan 4 Goku (whose Super Saiyan state possessed the mastered energy of a god and was close to awakening Super Saiyan Blue) has comparable power to Super Saiyan Blue Goku (from the Tournament of Power), however both he and Vegeta inevitably lose the battle, even when fusing into Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta in some scenarios.

File:D3fY-AXXsAI Rai.jpg

SSGSS Beat & SSJ4 Xeno Gogeta in World Mission

In World Mission, during the final battle with Sealas (Fused), Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta revert from their Super Saiyan 4 forms to their base forms along with the Dragon Ball Heroes team who revert from their Hero Avatars to their natural forms. After Note, Froze, Kagyu, Kabra, Zen, Chamel, and Nim give their power to Beat allowing him to achieve his natural Super Saiyan Blue form as a Earthling-Saiyan hybrid, Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta fuse into Super Saiyan 4 Xeno Gogeta to combat Sealas (Fused) alongside Time Power Unleashed Chronoa, and Super Saiyan 3 Xeno Trunks.

in FighterZ, GT Goku will transform into Super Saiyan 4 mode when performing Dragon Fist Explosion with one teammate down. Additionally, the Super Saiyan 4 version of Gogeta was added to the game on March 12th 2021.


A Freeform Fusion which resembles the unused Super Saiyan 4 design

  • Gold was considered to be the head hair color of the Super Saiyan 4 form (like the core Super Saiyan forms); however, it was decided that black head hair went better with the red body hair.[7]
  • Xeno Trunks was originally going to achieve Super Saiyan 4 during the Dark King Mechikabura Saga, however the developers could not decide on the hair color (purple or black) and so it was scrapped in favor of Super Saiyan God.[21]
    • The URLs for Xeno Trunks and Xeno Pan's profiles for the Big Bang Mission anime include Super Saiyan 4 in their title.[22][23]
  • In the Japanese version, while using this form, Goku changes his personal pronoun to ore, but still keeping words like ome in his vocabulary instead of changing it to omae. This applies to Xeno Goku as well.
  • When Vegeta transforms, as well as turning it wild, his hair turns back into its flame-like appearance he sported throughout Dragon Ball Z.
  • When transforming into Super Saiyan 4, both Goku and Vegeta lose their shirts, but when they revert to their base forms, their shirts can be seen again (however, Gogeta still has his vest on when he is a Super Saiyan 4). The clothes are even repaired; in the Super 17 Saga, when Goku attempted to sacrifice himself with Super 17, he reverted to his child state, and his gi was fully intact, despite the fact that it had been previously blasted off.
  • When Goku reverts to his base form from Super Saiyan 4, Goku still has his tail. Yet, when Vegeta reverts to his base form from Super Saiyan 4, his tail vanishes; this is most likely due to the fact that he achieved this form via non-natural means (the Blutz Wave Generator) and not via the usual method of absorbing Blutz Waves through his tail due to his lack of a tail.
  • Despite being in possession of Vegeta's body and able to achieve the Golden Great Ape form, Baby is unable to achieve Super Saiyan 4 as he was possessing Vegeta's body which had undergone Tuffleization. Though it has been suggested Baby Vegeta was impure due to the Baby's possession of Vegeta making him impure, it should be noted that Fin was able to achieve a hybridized version of Gogeta's Super Saiyan 4 form while retaining his Majin traits as his body is able to record the genetic data of his absorptions and Gohan/Xeno Gohan able to achieve Super Saiyan 4 despite being hybrid Saiyans. This indicates that Tuffleization and Baby's possession of Vegeta is what prevented Baby from achieving Super Saiyan 4 like Vegeta later did.
    • It should be noted that by absorbing Gogeta, Fin gains access to his genetic data essentially making him a Saiyan-Majin hybrid.
    • Gohan & Xeno Gohan are currently the only Saiyan-Earthling hybrids to achieve the form. They and Future Gohan are also the only confirmed Saiyan-Earthling hybrids to inherit the Saiyan Tail gene from their respective fathers (Goku, Xeno Goku, & Future Goku).
      • Given two of his counterparts have achieved the form, Future Gohan possesses the potential to achieve it given that he too was born with a tail.
      • Had the Super Dragon Ball Heroes developers been able to settle upon a hair color, Xeno Trunks would have been the first Saiyan-Earthling hybrid to achieve the form without ever having a tail. It is currently unknown, if tail-less Saiyan-Earthling hybrids or Universe 6 Saiyans could achieve Super Saiyan 4 through artificial Blutz Wave exposure as Xeno Trunks unrealized Super Saiyan 4 form suggests.

The Super Saiyan 4-like mental image that appears in Dragon Ball Z

  • When Goku first transforms into a Super Saiyan 3 on-screen (in Dragon Ball Z), there is a vision in his mind of him transforming from a Great Ape to a more monkey-like Saiyan, to his adult form, and finally into a baby. The monkey-like form bears a large resemblance to Super Saiyan 4.
  • The Wrath State introduced in Dragon Ball Super: Broly is highly reminiscent of Super Saiyan 4, both transformations utilize the power and strength of a Great Ape without changing shape. However, while Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan 4 are conscious of their actions, those in the Wrath State such as Broly become feral and uncontrollable.
    • Broly's hair and eyes in his Wrath State also look similar to a Super Saiyan 4's.
  • The seven Saiyans to have reached this transformation in the series have shown differences in appearance among one another:
    • Goku's variation is the first to be seen. When he transforms into a Super Saiyan 4, he has magenta red fur on the top half of his body, his hair remains black, and his eyes change to golden-yellow.
    • Vegeta's variation is the second seen. When he transforms into a Super Saiyan 4, his hair turns dark brown, the fur on the top half of his body is crimson red, and his eyes are green.
    • Gogeta's variation is a completely different coloration from Goku's and Vegeta's. In this form, Gogeta's hair is red, the fur on the top half of his body is brown, and the eyes change to a blue color. The reasons for these alterations in Gogeta's Super Saiyan 4 form from Goku and Vegeta's forms are unknown.
    • Broly's variation is also different. In this form, Broly has black hair like Goku, but his fur is a blood red color. Broly's variation takes on numerous traits of the Legendary Super Saiyan forms, including a much larger and more muscular body, and he loses the irises and pupils in his eyes.
    • Gohan's variation is the fifth seen. When he transforms into a Super Saiyan 4, he has scarlet red fur, his hair remains black, and his eyes change to golden-yellow, similar to Goku.
    • Bardock's variation is nearly identical to Gohan's. He gains Scarlet red fur, his hair remains black, and his eye-color is golden-yellow. The key difference in appears of Bardock's form is that his hair gains more spikes to its style and he still secures his tail around his waist, due to the fact that his jumpsuit pants being shown in half awkward looking.
    • Xeno Vegito's variation is the seven variation seen. In this form, Xeno Vegito's hair goes from dark/reddish brown to black, the fur on the top half of his body is crimson red, like Vegeta, and his eyes are blue.
  • In the Super Saiyan 4 form, Goku's voice is noticeably deeper and rougher like his Super Saiyan 3 form as an adult than his regular adult voice. Vegeta's voice is also slightly deeper.
  • In the Blue Water dub, Goku's voice in his Super Saiyan 4 form matches his regular adult voice. Vegeta's voice also matches his regular voice.
  • When the part Saiyan-Demon Mira takes on his Final Form, his appearance resembles a tail-less Super Saiyan 4. His figure was also advertised alongside the Dragon Ball Heroes Super Saiyan 4s.[24]
  • During the "Future" Trunks Saga, the Watagash possessed Earthling Barry Kahn 2nd Stage Heteromorphism form also resembles a tail-less Super Saiyan 4. Given that his 3rd and final stage form also resembles Syn Shenron/Omega Shenron, presumably both are homages to Dragon Ball GT (presumably to go along with Watagash's similarities to Baby and Naturon Shenron).

Female Future Warrior wearing the Super Saiyan 4 Suit and SS4 Wig & Tail accessory in Xenoverse 2

  • In Xenoverse 2, when the Future Warrior has the Super Saiyan 4 suit equipped, it will appear as it does on Goku or Vegeta, though the tail stays static. However, if a female equips the suit, the chest area is covered up by a black bra.
  • Most Dragon Ball video games associate this form with Goku in Dragon Ball GT, with three exceptions, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 has DBZ Goku utilizing this form instead of his GT self, who is entirely omitted from the game and its story, with DBZ Goku taking his place in the Shadow Dragon Saga of GT. Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World has both DBZ Goku and GT Goku able to transform into the form, the only video game in the entire series where the form is shared between both incarnations of the character. Dragon Ball Fusions includes GT Goku, but his Dragon Ball Super self transforms into the form instead. In the Infinite History mode of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Goku in his Whis Gi outfit transforms into a Super Saiyan 4 instead of Super Saiyan Blue because of Fu's antics.
  • In the Infinite History Saga featured in Xenoverse 2's Extra Pack 2 DLC, Whis has some knowledge or knows of Super Saiyan 4.[25]



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