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The term "Super Saiyan/partial manifestation" is conjectural. This article's real name is unknown and an unofficial title is used instead.

It is possible for a Saiyan to partially manifest Super Saiyan power in their base form without actually turning into a Super Saiyan.

Concept and Creation

Before and after

Originally, in Warriors of the Dead, Goku turned into a Super Saiyan when fighting the Ginyu Force, as indicated by the trailer for the episode. However, this was changed to have him fight in base form. As a result, they changed the hair color to black, yet left it in the Super Saiyan style and retained the golden aura.


The user powers up, gaining a golden aura and Super Saiyan-like hair without actually transforming into the state.


In Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks, Future Trunks briefly assumes this state when training with Future Gohan, although he was unable to go full Super Saiyan due to not being strong enough yet.

When aiding Gohan with the Father-Son Kamehameha in the manga, Goku appears with black Super Saiyan hair.

In the anime, Goku uses this ability when confronting Frieza, Cell, King Cold and the Ginyu Force in Hell. He uses the power to defeat the Ginyu Force and prepares to fight Cell until Pikkon attacks and defeats Cell in a few hits.[1]

Gohan briefly assumes the form when about to fight Kibito.

Later, in Dragon Ball GT, Goku uses this power-up when starting his fight against Frieza and Cell in Hell. During the battle with Naturon Shenron, Goku briefly manifests his Super Saiyan aura in his base form while talking to Naturon before transforming to Super Saiyan 4.[1]

Film Appearances

Vegeta uses Super Saiyan power without transforming against Broly in Broly

In Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, after Paragus confesses his plans to the Z Fighters, Broly, due to becoming agitated by Goku's presence, ends up approaching Goku and angrily calling out the latter's Saiyan name in a hostile manner. Broly then briefly manifests this transformation before promptly transforming into his Super Saiyan A-type.

In Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, Gohan partially transforms when to stop an attack from Bujin.

In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, when finding he is outmatched by Broly when the two are in their base forms, Vegeta channels some of his Super Saiyan power prior to fully taking on the transformation - giving him a golden outline and allowing him to overwhelm Broly. Gogeta later utilizes this ability while fighting Broly, who by that time was a Legendary Super Saiyan.

Video Game Appearances

Goku with black Super Saiyan 2 hair on the cover of Extreme Butoden

Several cards featuring artwork of Goku using this power is featured in Dragon Ball Heroes. The card has the ability Super Saiyan Power! (超サイヤパワー! Sūpā Saiya Pawā!),[1] which makes it that, if Goku transforms into Super Saiyan on the second turn after a Kamehameha, his power is +2000, or +5000 if it is greatly successful, transforming him into Super Saiyan 2.

Goku appears with black Super Saiyan 2 hair on the cover of Extreme Butōden's demo version.




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