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Super Maximum Light Speed Mode (スーパー最高速モード Supā Saikōsoku Mōdo, lit. "Super Highest Speed Mode")[1] is Dyspo's final secret technique in the anime.


Super saikou zoku mode

Dyspo enters the mode

By increasing his ki at maximum capacity, Dyspo surrounds himself in a purple flame-like aura that outlines his body and that gives him the ability to increase even further his already extremely high speed. With this power up, Dyspo's weakness of moving only in straight lines is fixed and can no longer be read as before. While not possessing enough raw power to do any visible damage to him, the speed of this form allowed Dyspo to steadily push True Golden Frieza towards the edge of the ring. In this state he was so fast that the GodPad could not slow his fight enough for Zeno and Future Zeno to watch. The power increase of this form was also enough to allow Dyspo to fight head on against Potential Unleashed Gohan in an environment where he could not properly use his speed.


Dyspo used this mode against Golden Frieza gaining the upper hand and making Gohan get involved in the fight as well. Gohan was able to see the technique's flaw and that it needs a wide open area to be effective. After Frieza trapped them in a Cage of Light, Dyspo was forced to fight Ultimate Gohan in a head to head battle, losing due to Gohan's superior fighting skill, he dropped to base form. After the cage of light fell, Dyspo took on this mode once more, but was caught in a hold by Gohan before he could move.


  • There is a pun on the name of this technique in Japanese as Super Highest Speed Mode sounds exactly like Super High Light Speed Mode, but written with different kanji.



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