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Super Kaioken Dragon Fist[1] is a Rush Attack used by Goku.


Goku uses Super Kaio-ken and delivers a powerful punch to the opponent's face which sends them flying.

Usage and Power

Goku uses this technique during his match against Pikkon in the Other World Tournament. It was so powerful that it sent Pikkon flying into planet above the Other World Stadium.

Video Game Appearances

Full Character Illustration of Super Kaioken Goku (DBL24-13S) depicting him performing his Super Kaioken Dragon Fist for Dragon Ball Legends

This technique was named in Dragon Ball Legends where it appears as the Ultimate Move Arts for Super Kaioken Goku (DBL24-13S). However after sending the opponent flying with the Super Kaioken Dragon Fist, Super Kaioken Goku will perform the Super Kaioken Kamehameha as the Ultimate Move Arts finisher.



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