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"Super Gotenks!" (がんばれスーパーゴテンクスくん Ganbare Sūpā Gotenkusu-kun, lit. "Do Your Best, Super Gotenks") is the three hundredth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred ninety-fourth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


Gotenks flies at Buu, headbutting him straight through The Lookout's main structure and out into mid-air, surprising Buu. Gotenks comes at him again and Buu just barely manages to dodge a punch, and then grabs Gotenks' fist and slings him around. He tosses Gotenks through the Lookout floor, knocking off a big chunk of it. Buu screams out with rage, as Gotenks laughs at how mad he is and Piccolo laments over the Lookout's destruction. Buu curls himself up into a ball, and comes flying toward them. Gotenks dodges, and so Buu shoots straight through the Lookout floor out into the air again. Buu continues doing this, until the Lookout is completely destroyed, aside from the floor below them. Gotenks prepares to counter, but Buu busts up their remaining floor from underneath as he does his poses. Piccolo yells at Gotenks to just do it without posing. Gotenks disappointedly obeys and fires his Rapid-Fire Super Donut attack at Buu.

Gotenks shoots out a bunch of donuts, which surround Buu and trap him into a ball. Piccolo excitedly thinks Majin Buu has been sealed away, but Gotenks says he'll break free soon, so they'll just damage him now. Gotenks wants Piccolo to help, and instructs him to say "Okay!" after he says "Here I go!" Piccolo reluctantly agrees. Gotenks says, "Here I go!", and Piccolo responds with "Okay!" Gotenks passes, Piccolo tosses, and Gotenks attacks, spiking the Buu volleyball down toward the Earth. Piccolo realizes he wasn't much help after all. Gotenks flies down after Buu, and notices that he's left a large crater in the Earth, as though a meteorite had crashed own, and laughs.





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