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Super Galick Blaster (超ギャリックブラスター Chō Gyarikku Burasutā) is a Mouth Energy Wave version of Galick Gun used by Vegeta in his Great Ape form.


Great Ape Vegeta's mouth blast

Great Ape Vegeta fires his Super Galick Blaster

When he performs this move, Vegeta opens his mouth and fires a pink energy wave toward the opponent, inflicting a high amount of damage.


Great Ape Vegeta uses this attack against Goku, who is performing the Spirit Bomb. Caught by surprise, Goku takes the full force of Vegeta's attack and the energy he has collected for the Spirit Bomb vanishes, leaving only half of the power.

Video Game Appearances[]

Great Ape Vegeta's technique was named Super Galick Blaster in Dragon Ball Heroes.

It appears under the generic name Chou Makouhou as one of Great Ape Vegeta's Blast 2 in the Budokai Tenkaichi series.

Great Ape Vegeta also uses the technique in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z.


  • Great Ape Tora and Great Ape King Vegeta use a purple Mouth Energy Wave attack that looks similar to the Super Galick Blaster.