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"Attack with a wide-range, ultra-powerful Ki Blast!"
Dragon Ball Xenoverse in-game description

Super Electric Strike (超電圧爆裂斬 Chō Denatsu Bakuretsuzan, lit. "Super Voltage Exploding Slash") is a ki slash used by Android 17 and Android 18.


Android 17 prepares to fire the attack

After the user charges green energy in both of their hands, the user throws out their hands, launching two arcing electrical Ki Blasts at the opponent to inflict massive damage. However, the attack has a "blind spot" immediately in front of the user because the energy wave appears a short distance in front of them rather than being emitted directly from their body, meaning an opponent can avoid the attack completely if they close to point-blank range while the attack is being charged.


17 defeats Rags

During the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, Android 17 and Android 18 use this attack against Moro, however it has little effect.

In the manga version of the Universal Conflict Saga, Android 17 uses the Super Electric Strike to defeat Rags.

Video Game Appearances

Super Electric Strike was introduced as one of Android 17's Ultimate Skills in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. A non-playable variant of Android 18 also uses the skill in certain Parallel Quests and Story missions. The Future Warrior can also obtain the skill in Parallel Quest 25: "17 and 18 of the Official History". In the GT Pack 1 DLC, Hell Fighter 17 uses this technique.

The Super Electric Strike also appears in Dragon Ball Heroes, Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, and Dragon Ball FighterZ, where it's used by the Tournament of Power version of Android 17.

In FighterZ, it produces a green ring-shaped disc of ki after being fired and Android 17 even occasionally calls out its name when performing it.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, Super Electric Strike is MIR Uniform Android 17's Super Attack.



  • Super Electric Strike among those techniques that first debuted in video games before it appeared in the canon storyline.


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