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"A tool Bulma created to find the Super Dragon Balls, which were created in Year 41 of the Divine Calendar by the Dragon God Zalama. Each one has a diameter of 37,196.22041km."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 in-game description

The Super Dragon Radar (超ドラゴンレーダー Sūpā Doragon Rēdā) is an improved version of the Dragon Radar that's less sensitive, which can help locate the Super Dragon Balls in a much larger area in the universe.


Bulma invents a new Dragon Radar called the "Super Dragon Radar." Its purpose is to help Bulma find the final Super Dragon Ball. When it is revealed that Earth exists on the edge of the universe, rendering the radar ineffective from that distance, Bulma enlists Jaco's help to get to the center of space and find the last Super Dragon Ball.

Five days later, Bulma brings the Super Dragon Radar along to the Tournament of Destroyers on the Nameless Planet, intending to use it to find the Super Dragon Ball after the tournament's conclusion. Soon thereafter, the device detects a total of seven balls, instead of the six that Champa had found. Whis proceeds to destroy the "planet," revealing it to be the Four-Star Super Dragon Ball.

Video Game Appearances

The Super Dragon Radar appears an equipable accessory item in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2; however, the item itself is purely cosmetic. It can occasionally be found near the Dragon Ball Pedestal in Conton City as a random item drop.