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Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission!!!!

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission!!!!

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission!!!!スーパードラゴンボールヒーローズ ウルトラゴッドミッション!!!!Sūpā Doragon Bōru Hīrōzu Urutora Goddo Misshon!!!!

Genre Shōnen, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Bangsian Fantasy

Manga Series: Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission!!!!

Authored by

Yoshitaka Nagayama



Serialized in

Saikyō Jump

Original run

March 04, 2022 – TBA

No. of volumes


Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission!!!! ( スーパードラゴンボールヒーローズ ウルトラゴッドミッション!!!! Sūpā Doragon Bōru Hīrōzu Urutora Goddo Misshon!!!!) is a spin-off manga and the sequel to Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission!, Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission and Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!!. It is written and illustrated by Yoshitaka Nagayama. The manga began publication in March of 2022 and adapts the same story as the anime with the same name though with significant alterations to the story and events.



Warriors and fighters, from all over the space-time, gather to participate in the Space-Time Ultra Tournament. Goku and his allies will face very powerful opponents.

Timeline placement

For the Dragon Ball Super and "Xeno" characters, the events of Ultra God Mission!!!! take place after the New Space-Time War Saga.


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Story arcs

  1. Supreme Kai of Time Saga (chapter 1 - )


No volumes have been released for this manga at this time.

Manga chapters

Chapter# Title
1 "Chapter 1 (Ultra God Mission)"
2 "Chapter 2 (Ultra God Mission)"
3 "Chapter 3 (Ultra God Mission)"

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