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Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!!

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!!

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!!スーパードラゴンボール ヒーローズ ビッグバンミッション!!!Sūpā Doragon Bōru Hīrōzu Biggu Ban Misshon!!!

Genre Shōnen, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Bangsian Fantasy

Manga Series: Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!!

Authored by

Yoshitaka Nagayama



Serialized in

Saikyō Jump

Original run

April 02, 2020 – February 04, 2022

No. of volumes


Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! ( スーパードラゴンボール ヒーローズ ビッグバンミッション!!! Sūpā Doragon Bōru Hīrōzu Biggu Ban Misshon!!!) is a spin-off manga and the sequel to both Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! and Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!!. It is written and illustrated by Yoshitaka Nagayama. The manga began publication in April of 2020 and adapts the same story as the anime with the same name though with significant alterations to the story and events. The series concluded in 2022 and was followed by Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission!!!!.



The Prison Planet was only the beginning of Fu's experiments... Based on the experimental data collected at the Prison Planet, Fu finally begins his real experiment! What is Fu's real goal, and what is his real power? Goku and companions from "Dark Demon Realm Mission" and "Universe Mission" appear! An experiment involving the whole universe and space-time!

Timeline placement[]

For the Dragon Ball Super and "Xeno" characters, the events of Big Bang Mission!!! take place after the Universal Conflict Saga.


After becoming aware of Tokitoki's sudden disappearance, Xeno Trunks and Xeno Pan travel to an alternate dimension where they find him in the hands of their friends and family at Capsule Corporation. Shortly afterwards, Beerus, along with the other Gods of Destruction arrive with the intention of destroying Tokitoki after hearing a prophecy that a strange bird from Universe 7 would bring about the destruction of all the universes. After a brief skirmish between Goku and Beerus, they learn that the real culprit is Dogidogi who belongs to Fu. Fu explains that the Universe Seed will soon bud into the Universe Tree with its roots absorbing energy from across the universe which will inevitably result in its destruction. After escaping, Beerus uses his own energy as a barrier to stop the roots from absorbing energy while Goku, Vegeta, Xeno Trunks and Xeno Pan are tasked with hunting down Fu and capturing Dogidogi.

The group eventually encounter some of Fu's henchmen, with Goku and Vegeta taking on the amped up Turles and Bojack though in the distraction, Tokitoki is captured by Fu. Meanwhile in Hell their counterparts Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta face the mysterious Dr. W who uses the data from their battle to release a new empowered version of Janemba. Outmatched, they receive assistance from Goku and his group and soon afterwards further support from Salsa and Putine, previously enemies of the Time Patrol and together they are able to defeat him.

Following the battle, Towa appears and warps away the Time Patrol whilst Fu does the same with Goku and Vegeta, bringing them to the Crack of Time and the location of the Universe Tree. The two battle Fu, even fusing to become Vegito. Mid battle they learn that the Universe Tree has been destroyed due to a wish made on the Super Dragon Balls but Fu is able to restore it after Towa turns Fu into the Dark King using the extracted Dark Factors that were unknowingly inside of the Time Patrollers bodies following Mechikabura's defeat.

Demigra and his henchmen arrive during a series of intense battles that also see Broly make his return, more powerful than ever. Despite cutting down the Universe Tree they prove to be a step too late as it is able to create the Pseudo Universe just as Demigra uses his magic to trap Fu in a Time Labyrinth. Following a blinding light, Goku awakens outside of the Capsule Corporation, alone and in a strange new universe.

After a run in with Meta-Cooler and Frieza, as well as the mysterious Crimson-Masked Saiyan and Warrior in Black, Goku allies himself with Hearts. They decide to gather the Dragon Balls in order to escape from the fake universe they currently inhabit. They visit Vegeta on Planet Vegeta, who has recently prevailed over Turles and Cumber in battle, and encounter the Crimson-Masked Saiyan again, learning that he is an incarnation of Goku Black. Following a skirmish, the Crimson-Masked Saiyan destroys the planet though Goku and his allies are teleported back to Earth by Cell.

Now also aided by the demons, Chamel, Salsa, Shroom and Putine, the group use their magic to open a hole to another dimension so that Goku and Vegeta can train inside. Following several battles between Goku's allies and the forces of evil, Goku and Vegeta finish their training now having obtained mastery of Ultra Instinct and Super Saiyan Blue Controlled Berserk respectively. The two fuse to become Gogeta and head to the outskirts of the planets atmosphere where the Crimson-Masked Saiyan is currently engaged in combat with the Warrior in Black and defeat him though after defusing, it is Goku and the Warrior in Black who finish the job. After collecting the entire set of Dragon Balls, they are able to escape the Pseudo Universe.

They re-appear in the Crack of Time where Xeno Gogeta is found fighting against a more powerful and youthful version of Fu who has since escaped the Time Labyrinth after absorbing Dogidogi. Fu uses his abilities to whisk everyone away though Goku and Xeno Goku are able to remain behind thanks to Salsa. Chronoa and Xeno Trunks show up to aid them but still find themselves overpowered. Ultimately, Fu uses his powers to resurrect the Universe Tree and after Goku surprisingly absorbs its power, he destroys both the tree along with Fu, finally putting an end to his experiment once and for all.

Story arcs[]

  1. Universe Creation Saga (chapter 1 - chapter 6)
  2. New Space-Time War Saga (chapter 7 - chapter 15)


Shueisha released the first volume of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! in Japan on December 4, 2020. It is called Big Bang Mission (ビッグバンミッション Bigguban Misshon) and contains the first four chapters of the manga. The second volume, called The New Universe (あらたなちゅう Aratana Uchū), was released on August 4, 2021 and contains chapters 5 through 8 of the manga. The third volume, called "End of Experiment" (じっけんしゅうりょう Jikken Shūryō), was released on April 4, 2022, and contains chapters 9 through 15 of the manga.

Manga chapters[]

Chapter# Title
1 "The Bird of Catastrophe"
2 "The Scientist from Hell"
3 "Limit Break"
4 "Big Bang Mission"
5 "The Dark King"
6 "The New Universe"
7 "New Space-Time War"
8 "Saiyan's Pride"
9 "Kuririn vs. Dr. W"
10 "Son Gohan vs. Bojack"
11 "The Evil Saiyan vs. the Destruction King"
12 "Gogeta vs. the Crimson-Masked Saiyan"
13 "Gogeta: Xeno vs. the Dark King"
Special "Putine's Internship at Time Patrol!"
14 "The 2 Son Gokus"
15 "End of Experiment"

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