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Super Class-up (スーパークラスアップ Sūpā Kurasu Appu) is a special skill exclusive to the Hero Avatars characters in Dragon Ball Heroes. Using this ability, players can promote their Hero Avatar(s) from the previous Class.

It is superior to the original Class-up, but inferior to the God Class-up.


The skill increases the abilities and attributes of the Hero Avatar and changes their appearance. When used by a Saiyan avatar for example, the Saiyan avatars gain the ability to become Super Saiyan 3, the other avatars gain their own transformation and an increase in power. In addition, they also gain new clothes or some differences in their outfits are provided for all the avatars.

Like with Class-up, the Demon God Avatars' attire and appearance does not change when they achieve Super Class-up, thus it only acts as a power up state for them.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, Super Class-up is acquired via a wish to Super Shenron which allows the Male Saiyan and Female Saiyan Race Avatars to acquire Super Saiyan 2, though it no longer allows them to acquire Super Saiyan 3 as they must upgrade to Ultimate Class as Class-up has been renamed to Super Class-up or Super Class in World Mission.


Super Class Froze performing Spirit Excalibur as part of his Spirit Excalibur Death Psycho Bomb in Victory Mission

In the spin-off manga Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission, the Dragon Ball Heroes were able to upgrade their Hero Avatar's class using special capsules from Yoshito-kun before challenging the Shadow Dragons to rescue their fellow competitors. Beat uses his capsule when facing the possessed Nim. Kabra was able to survive his battle with Salaga thanks to the enhanced defensive capabilities of his upgraded armor. Froze survived the assault of Big Gete Star debris from transformed Haze Shenron using his Super Class upgrades and easily destroyed the Shadow Dragon. Kagyu, Basaku, Nico, Note, Forte, and Genome also obtained Super Class upgrades.



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