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Super Breath (ブレス Buresu[3], lit. "Breath") is a technique first used by Piccolo during his battle with Goku.


The user inhales deeply, and then exhales creating a huge gust of wind similar to a hurricane.


King Piccolo uses a slightly similar method to throw some little rocks at Goku's limbs, with the intention of torturing him and to be immobilized by the pain of the injuries caused. He also uses it to blow Emperor Pilaf and his gang off of their airship after betraying them.

Piccolo uses the technique against Goku when he increases his size in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.

Recoome uses it to counter Gohan's Masenko. While battling on Namek, Gohan charges a Masenko and fires it at Recoome. Recoome, with his superior strength, is able to blow away Gohan's attack with Super Breath.[4]


Gohan's Super Breath

Gohan himself accidentally uses the Super Breath when he blows out the candles on his birthday cake, when he turns 11 years old during the Cell Games Saga.

Innocent Buu uses a stronger versions of the attack, the Flame Shower Breath, to level cities.

Evil Buu uses the Super Breath (or the Flame Shower Breath) to counter the Transfiguration Beam onto Good Buu himself (technique called Buresu ni Yoru Henka Biimu-gaeshi, lit. "Deflecting the Transfiguration Beam with his Breath", in the Special Attack Index of Daizenshuu 7), before eating him and transforming into Super Buu.

Later, Super Buu uses it to counter Gotenks' Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack in a filler of the episode "Unlucky Break".

BiTG - Super Breath

Golden Great Ape Goku blows Pan away

In Dragon Ball GT, Good Buu uses this to knock a group of people down.[5] Later in the series, as a Golden Great Ape, Goku blows Pan away when she tries to help him regain control.[6]

Video Game Appearances

It is called Breath in Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors and Mystic Breath in the Budokai Tenkaichi series. It is Great Namek Piccolo's Super Attack in Dragon Ball Heroes.



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