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Super Big Bang Crash (スーパービッグバンクラッシュ Sūpā Biggu Ban Kurasshu) is a more powerful version of Big Bang Crash used by Cell in his Semi-Perfect form.


Semi-Perfect Cell says "Very well" as he traps the opponent in a Big Bang Crash shot from his hand. Then, he appears above them and fires several Big Bang Crashes down at the trapped opponent. The accumulation of the Big Bang Crashes eventually results in a massive red explosion against the opponent, inflicting a huge amount of damage.


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Semi-Perfect Cell's Super Big Bang Crash deflagrating all the Tropical Islands

Semi-Perfect Cell uses this attack while searching for Android 18, whom he wants to absorb to achieve his Perfect form. He first destroys an island with a Big Bang Crash to flush Android 18 out of hiding, but when she still does not appear, Semi-Perfect Cell uses the Super Big Bang Crash to destroy a chain of several islands to make it easier to find the Android. When he finally locates Android 18, along with an injured Android 16, he prepares to destroy the island they are on, but Vegeta and Future Trunks arrive and fight Semi-Perfect Cell.

Video Game Appearances[]


Cell uses the Super Big Bang Crash in Raging Blast

In the Raging Blast series and Ultimate Tenkaichi, it is named Super Big Bang Crash and is Semi-Perfect Cell's Ultimate Blast.