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Sunglasses (サングラス Sangurasu) are items worn by several characters in the Dragon Ball series. Master Roshi, Master Shen, the World Tournament Announcer, Taro Soramame, Mr. Pig, Android 15, and the Kais wear sunglasses all the time.


The demon Lucifer wears sunglasses during the daytime.

Roshi's sunglasses

Vodka and his bodyguards, as well as Pamput while with them, all wear sunglasses because of their respective occupations (manager, bodyguards, and actor). Roshi's sunglasses are proven useful when used by Goku during the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament, allowing him to counter Tien Shinhan's Solar Flare.[1] Goku would later "borrow" Roshi's Sunglasses during the Trunks Saga to use as proof of his teleportation via Instant Transmission while demonstrating the technique to his friends. Afterwards he gave them to Krillin to give back to Master Roshi. Roshi's sunglasses are also used by several other characters later in the series, such as Krillin and Maron. Also, during the Intergalactic World Tournament, Roshi's sunglasses had some scanner equipment built in similar to the Android's 3D Scan Mode.

A mother with sunglasses makes several minor appearances in the series, most often in West City. Android 15 wears sunglasses that reflect what he sees when he uses the 3D Scan Mode and also disguises the fact that his eyes are completely mechanical; the right eye's glass breaks during his fight with Vegeta.

North and South Kai's sunglasses

King Kai wears black Teashade sunglasses, East Kai wears red Jackie Ohh sunglasses, South Kai wears white Jackie Ohh sunglasses, and Grand Kai wears black Wayfarer sunglasses. The item is part of Gohan's second Great Saiyaman costume, for which the helmet was swapped out in favor of a white bandana and sunglasses due to the rules of the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Actor Barry Kahn is seen wearing sunglasses when being swarmed by paparazzi while working on the 2nd Great Saiyaman Film.

Ultimate Godslayer Hearts wearing his visor in Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Hearts of the Core Area Warriors usually wears sun visor which is capable of handling the power of his Super Hearts form and even the immense power of his Ultimate Godslayer form which grants him power that he believes would allow him to defeat Zeno and Future Zeno.

What appear to be sunglasses are also on the helmet worn by the Imeckian Army and Police. Also in Dragon Ball GT, Goku, Pan and Trunks briefly use sunglasses when arriving on Rudeeze. Ronge, who is the fourth human possessed by Baby on Earth, wears sunglasses. As an old lady, Pan constantly wears sunglasses.


Master Shen wearing sunglasses

The World Tournament Announcer with his sunglasses (Dragon Ball)

Goku wearing Roshi's sunglasses

Sunglasses are a part of Gohan's second Great Saiyaman costume

* Indicates that this character wears goggles that serve as sunglasses
** Indicates that this character wears a visor that serves as sunglasses

Video Game Appearances

Super Saiyan Earthling Youth wearing Sunglasses and Turtle School Uniform in Dragon Ball Online

The player's characters can be customized with sunglasses in the computer game Dragon Ball Online.

In the Budokai Tenkaichi series, when Roshi has his sunglasses on, he is immune to the effects of Solar Flare.

In Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team, Sunglasses is an Ability type D-Item which makes a character immune to the Solar Flare; it requires 1 column in Ability type. In Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 and Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, Sunglasses are also attachable item that makes the user impervious to the Solar Flare.

In the Xenoverse series, various sunglasses and visors worn by characters in the series appear as accessory options. However like all accessories they are purely cosmetic and do not protect the wearing from skills that blind the wearer.

While wearing Sunglasses does not protect the wearer from Solar Flare in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, there is an equipable Super Soul called Hee Hee Sunglasses which makes the user immune to being blinded by certain techniques like the Solar Flare. The Super Soul itself is a reference to Kid Goku's use of Master Roshi's sunglasses to protect himself from Tien's Solar Flare.

Sunglasses/Goggles/Visor Accessories Xenoverse series
  • Great Saiyaman Helmet - "A helmet that makes you the Great Saiyaman. Design 1 is for guys, Design 2 is for girls!" The design changes depending upon the wearer's gender (Namekian & Frieza Race wear Design 1 by default).
  • Great Saiyaman Bandana 1 - "Hide your true identity with a headscarf and sunglasses! A new Great Saiyaman style!"
    • Great Saiyaman Bandana 2 - "Why hide your identity?! Wear your sunglasses on your forehead, Neo-Great Saiyaman style!" Majin Time Patrollers Hatta and Yosoro both own this accessory.
    • Blockbuster Sunglasses - "An accessory commemorating the XENOVERSE series reaching 10 million copies sold." A special variant of Great Saiyaman Bandana 1 which features a green headscarf and sunglasses with 10000000 design (red color font) with two blue lens in the middle zeroes. The Future Warrior will receive these from Chronoa after reaching a certain point in the game and wearing them while talking to certain Time Patroller NPCs in Conton City will cause them to reveal Xenoverse 2 trivia.
  • Sunglasses (King Kai) - "Sunglasses worn by King Kai." This accessory allows the Sunglasses to be worn without King Kai's Hat. Undercover Earthling Time Patroller Maita and Saiyan Time Patroller Saimo both own a pair.
    • King Kai's Hat - "King Kai's hat. The design features two antennae." Though not stated in its name or description, the hat come was the same style of sunglasses that King Kai wears.
  • Grand Kai's Hat - "The hat worn by the Grand Kai, who reigns over the four Kai." Though not stated in its name or description, the hat come was the same style of sunglasses that Grand Kai wears as well as a fake beard based upon Grand Kai's beard.
  • Sunglasses (World Tournament Anncr.) - "The favorite sunglasses of the World Martial Arts Tournament commentator, famous for his many great lines." Time Patroller Jinz and Time Patroller DJ both own a pair.
  • Sunglasses (Turtle Hermit 1) - "The red frames are stylish! Sunglasses worn by the Turtle Hermit! Popular with girls!" This pair of sunglasses is based upon Master Roshi's original style of sunglasses.
    • Turtle Hermit Set - "Three-piece set of Sunglasses (Turtle Hermit 1), Turtle Hermit's Shell, and Turtle Hermit's Beard to become the ultimate Turtle Hermit."
    • Sunglasses (Turtle Hermit 2) - "New model Turtle Hermit sunglasses. Sporty new design!" This pair of sunglasses is based upon Master Roshi's new style of sunglasses from Dragon Ball GT. Namekian Time Patroller Piflam, Time Patroller Cecile/Shirsil, and Saiyan Time Patroller Kirage all own a pair.
  • Tao Pai Pai's Cyborg Head - "A head based upon Tao Pai Pai after he became a cyborg." This accessory featurres Tao Pai Pai's cyborg head complete with goggles and a black ponytail wig/extension based upon Cyborg Tao's hairstyle.
  • Android 15's Shades & Hat - "The sunglasses and hat worn by Android 15."
  • Angol's Helmet - "The helmet worn by Paragus' underlings, who were recruited from all corners of the galaxy." The helmet worn by Angol which features a red visor.
  • Resistance Helmet - "A helmet worn by those who stood in defiance of Goku Black in the future." This accessory features Google's worn with an old Earth's Military helmet used by members of Earth's Resistance."
  • Rozie's Hood and Goggles - "A hood and goggles based upon the ones worn by Sous Roas, a Yacchaina Fist wielder from Universe 2, when she transforms into Magical Girl Rozie."