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A submarine (潜水艦 Sensuikan[1]) is a vehicle used to travel underwater. They are mainly used by the Red Ribbon Army.


Roshi's submarine/flying vehicle

During the General Blue Saga, when Bulma finds out that she does not have a Submarine capsule on her, Goku goes off to find the ball underwater by himself leaving Bulma on an island. Seeing that the Dragon Ball was too deep underwater for Goku to swim down and retrieve it, they went to Kame House to see Master Roshi and got one in exchange for Bulma's Micro Band. Roshi's submarine was wrecked during the journey due to being pursued by the Red Ribbon Army, which resulted in Bulma giving Roshi a diamond as compensation for the destruction of his submarine.

Roshi's submarine near Kame House

General Blue and his soldiers use small submarines to chase the Dragon Team to the Pirate Cave, as well as a significantly larger submarine that presumably acted as the temporary headquarters for Blue's unit while they had Company A go to Kame House and Company B pursue the Dragon Ball Gang. The larger submarine was equipped with at least eight torpedo shafts to launch torpedoes,[3] although they were eventually forced to break off the pursuit due to the narrowing cave tunnel preventing the much larger sub from continuing further, although not before Blue ordered the deployment of the mini-sub so he could personally pursue them. These two subs are the only ones shown in the anime, although dialogue from one of his soldiers in the Japanese version implied that they owned other submarines. General Blue's submarines also appears in Dragon Ball: The Path to Power, although with a slightly different role where they fired missiles at the Kame House. To escape the collapsing Pirate Cave, Bulma, Krillin and Goku used a submarine found in the cave.

In Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure, submarines are used by the Mifan Army.

In a filler on Namek, Bulma uses a Capsule Corporation submarine to retrieve a Namekian Dragon Ball in the water, although because of it being among a nest of crab eggs, this nearly got herself killed by the eggs aggressively protective parent.

In the alternate timeline seen in Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks, Master Roshi, Turtle, Oolong, and Puar are hiding in a submarine near Kame House. Roshi planned to have his submarine surface so he could fight the Androids at Pepper City, but he was persuaded not to go by Oolong, Puar, and Turtle.

Video Game Appearances

Roshi's submarine is seen inside the Pirate Cave in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure and Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans. Goku and his friends use Roshi's submarine to go in the Pirate Cave Dragon Ball: Origins 2. Pirate Submarines are seen Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo.

Rogue Submarines full of mercenaries appear regularly on the map in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.

"A submarine in the ocean near Kame House where Master Roshi, Oolong, and Puar are hiding from the androids. Master Roshi sometimes stares out the periscope to check on his house, wondering when he'll be able to safely return."
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Z Encyclopedia entry

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Submarines appear as rare vehicles used by the people of Earth. At one point, in the Southeast Islands Area, a Treasure Hunter on an island east of Kame House who reveals he had a submarine to invest the wreak of a sunken ship but it malfunctioned and he had no choice but to give up, though diving without a sub to investigate the wreak is no problem for the Z Fighters, though they will have to come up for air before their oxygen meter runs out. During the Cell Saga, there is a pirate couple (identified as Former Pirate (Man) and Former Pirate (Woman)) who have their own private submarine which can be found on the beach of the small island northwest of Kame House. They reveal that their old hideout is located in a cave northeast of the island. Additionally, Future Master Roshi's submarine appears as a location in the Southeast Islands Area near Kame House in the -Trunks- The Warrior of Hope DLC. Future Master Roshi lives there with Future Turtle, Future Puar, & Future Oolong. Future Trunks (and Future Gohan while he is still alive) can enter the sub to visit them.[2] During the Episode 1 Sub Story: "Master Roshi's Discernment", Future Bulma reveals to the teenage Future Trunks that she had been sending supplies to the Submarine via shipping company which has currently suspended operations after getting attacked by the Androids. Future Trunks can offer to take the supplies to the Submarine to deliver them to Future Master Roshi. After Future Trunks' visit and delivery of the supplies, Master Roshi leaves the Submarine to confront Future Android 18 in the hopes she can be reasoned with (among other more lecherous reasons). Fortunately, Future Trunks overhears that the Androids have been spotted in the area and he arrives in time to save Future Master Roshi. Though Future 18 is still too strong for him, Future Master Roshi willingness to stand up for the boy and Future Android 17 being in a good mood after defeating the boss in a video game, convinces his sister to let the two of them live just this once. After they leave, Future Master Roshi realizes both Androids are pure evil and reasoning with them is impossible decides it is best for him to hide in the Submarine as he recognizes he lacks the power to defeat them himself, preferring to leave their defeat in the hands of Future Gohan and Future Trunks. In addition to Future Trunks, Future Gohan can visit the Submarine when he is a support character in Future Trunks' party during certain points of The Warrior of Hope Episode 1 (when Future Trunks has access to the World Map. After completing The Warrior of Hope Episode 2, Future Oolong, Future Puar, Future Master Roshi, and Future Turtle will all finally leave the Submarine to live in Kame House after the Android threat has been defeated by Future Trunks. During The Warrior of Hope Episode 3 and onwards, the Submarine remains docked south of Kame House and can still be visited by Future Trunks though no one can be found inside as they have all taken up residence at Kame House.



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