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Strongest Form 2 (最強形態2 Saikyō Keitai Tsū) is a transformation attainable by an entity who has been completely dominated by a Tuffle parasite.


Baby Vegeta's Strongest Form 2 resembles Super Saiyan 3.[1]

In this state, Baby Vegeta's hair retains the silver-white color he possessed in his previous forms; however, his hairstyle is now similar to Baby's head. He also retains the blue visors and red lines on his forehead gained in Strongest Form 1. His skin is now light gray while the eyebrows are completely gone and he now wears a black bodysuit with a white border on the chest with red and gold-colored gloves, boots and shoulder pads, resembling Baby's adult form.

Usage and power

Baby Vegeta attained this form during his battle with tail-less Goku; after taking on Strongest Form 1 and then absorbing negative energy from every one of his minions on Earth.

In this form, Baby Vegeta is referred to as Super Baby 2 and is powerful enough to easily defeat Uub, blow Good Buu to smithereens, and later match and even overpower Majuub (after Baby bulks up to increase his blast's power). He is also able to defeat Super Saiyan 3 Kid Goku after the latter gets his tail back and is able to use his full power efficiently. However, even with this form's power, Baby is no match for Goku in either the Golden Great Ape or Super Saiyan 4 forms, resulting in Baby requiring the Tuffle-controlled Bulma to use Blutz Waves to turn him into a Golden Great Ape.

While in his Golden Great Ape form, Baby Vegeta retains several traits from his Strongest Form 2.

Baby Vegeta reverts to this form once his tail has been cut off. However, Baby is forced to leave Vegeta's body, as his Adult form is too large to possess the Saiyan - causing Vegeta to temporarily remain in Strongest Form 2, before returning to his normal base form.



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