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Stripping (色仕掛け Irojikake, lit. "Sexual Charm") is a technique where the user removes their clothes in order to seduce the opponent to reach their goals. The person may get naked if she wants to increase the effect.


DBZ 140 Ranfan

Jackie Chun's perverted reaction to Ranfan's stripping


Nam defeats Ranfan's stripping technique with Shura Gekiretsuken

The technique is quite effective when used upon modest males like Nam and most heterosexual men.

The technique can easily fail if the target fails to be seduced by the user due to the target's age and/or lack of lustful desires like Goku. Nam also overcame it by simply closing his eyes and relying on his other senses to attack. It also would likely fail if used by a woman against any heterosexual female or homosexual men, as they would not be seduced, though it may cause them to become disgusted (similar to General Blue's reaction to Bulma's Irome). It could also backfire if preformed on a lecherous male like Master Roshi who while disguised as Jackie Chun admitted he would enjoy it if Ranfan had used it on him. Roshi later took advantage of scantily clad Ranfan, groping her after she was knocked unconscious by Nam.



Bulma attempts to seduce Goku

The technique was used two times in Dragon Ball. In the first time, it was used by Bulma to get a Dragon Ball from Goku, but the attack did not work due to Goku's naïve nature. It was also used by Ranfan, who tried to seduce Nam so she could win the match. In the U.S. broadcast edit version, the stripping was excluded. Instead, the scene of one of Nam's failed attacks is shown followed by her twitching foot to show she was knocked out. This is strangely not edited in recaps, which clearly show her in her underwear.

In the Tournament of Power, Caway used the technique against Master Roshi, who was nearly caught off guard, though he regained his senses and powered up to intimidate Caway, causing her to jump off the arena.



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