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"Strange Visitor" (うほほーい!アラレくもにのる Uhohōi! Arare Kumo ni Noru, lit. "Woohoo! Arale Boards the Cloud") is the fifty-sixth episode of Dragon Ball and the eleventh episode of the General Blue Saga. This episode first aired in Japan on March 25, 1987. Its original American airdate was October 23, 2002.



General Blue survives the plane crash and hides from Goku on a nearby mountain

The episode starts out with Goku meeting a girl named Arale Norimaki. She asked if Goku wanted to play with her, but he said he could not because he had to find the Dragon Balls. Arale asked what Dragon Balls are, but Goku did not answer her and called his Flying Nimbus. We then see General Blue, whose plane had crashed. He noticed Goku and wondered how Goku could have survived the fall that he had. Goku then notices the mountain where the plane had crashed and General Blue jumps off the mountain so Goku will not find him. Goku then lands on the mountain and decides to look under the plane for the Dragon Balls. He eventually notices that the Dragon Balls and the bag are gone. About a couple seconds later, Arale is seen. Goku mentions that Arale is really fast, and asked her who she trained with. She said that she did not train with anyone, and it is just that she likes to run really fast. Arale thinks that Goku is just at that mountain to play, but he tells her that he is there because he was after General Blue, not to play. Arale then offers to help Goku find the Dragon Balls, and also asks if she can ride on his Flying Nimbus. Goku said "Yeah." "No problem." "If it lets you." (As only pure-hearted people can ride the Nimbus). She then manages to get on the cloud and Goku then continues his search for the Dragon Balls.

Arale talking to Goku

Arale Norimaki and Goku

Meanwhile, General Blue runs into some strange people in Penguin Village. He then notices a guy driving a car and asks him to get out. He does so and says "I'm assuming you didn't stop me for my autograph." He enters a nearby phone booth and returns a couple of seconds later with a superhero-like costume on. He threatens Blue after breaking a tile with a karate chop, but Blue just walks over and crushes the phone booth with his bare hands, scaring him out of his wits. He offers himself as Blue's assistant, but he replies that he has plenty of lackies. Blue asks where he can get an airplane, and the man tells him of Senbei Norimaki. The guy gives him directions and General Blue asks if he can use the guy's car. He says certainly.


Arale introduces Goku to Akane and Taro

We then see a woman on a motorcycle who is speeding and is stopped by a police officer, and she says "What did I do this time?" The officer tells her that she was speeding. The officer then writes her up a ticket. Goku then lands where the police officer is and asks the officer to catch General Blue for him. He also mentions that General Blue is a member of the Red Ribbon Army. When Goku tells him that, the officer gets scared and drives off. When his car breaks down, General Blue attempts to fix it when Obotchaman runs into him and offers to help him fix it. As Obotchaman attempts to fix it, Blue ends up starting to crush on the boy, calling him his type, and leans in to kiss him. However, before he could get the chance to do so, Obotchaman reveals he had fixed the car. Blue, while still obviously crushing on Obotchaman, then offers to "thank" him by taking him to grab a bite to eat, though Obotchaman admits he doesn't need anything in return as he was doing what anyone would have done, with Blue then requesting that he at least let him buy for him pretty clothing, with Obotchaman politely declines due to needing to get back to making deliveries before leaving just as Blue tried to insist he stay. Blue then bitterly states that Obotchaman was little more than a country bumpkin anyway. Shortly afterward, Blue runs into some officers, who asks for his license and registration and he said that he does not have them with him. They then try to arrest him, but General Blue ends up getting the handcuffs off (breaking them with his bare hands). They then try to shoot him, but he kicks the guns out of their hands and also hits the car, to show them how strong he is. He then takes off with the officers' car since he had already damaged. He evades Goku, but Arale, who was just behind him, accidentally smashes into the car, sending it flying. Before he regained consciousness, the Gatchans had eaten the car whole. This and their other (non-malicious) actions scare the life out of him, prompting him to flee. Goku then lands and notices that his Dragon Radar is not working. He then says that he will have to take it back to Bulma to get it fixed, but he then realizes that he can not because he does not know where he is or how to get back. Arale mentions that she knows someone who can fix it. She then introduces Goku to Senbei and Midori, although Goku mixes up Senbei with Midori and vice versa. He then gives it to the guy that Arale said could fix it but has a hard time knowing what to do to fix it. We then see General Blue, who's heading to the area of the guy who's trying to fix the Dragon Radar.

Major Events[]

  • Goku asks Senbei Norimaki to fix his Dragon Radar after it breaks for the second time.


  • Taro Soramame, Gala and Pagos vs. General Blue





Differences from the Manga[]

  • Goku giving Arale and Gatchan a ride on the Nimbus happens before the scene with Sour Man in the anime but after in the manga.
  • The scene where Goku warns Taro about the Red Ribbon Army being in Penguin Village and him and Akane Kimidori failing to get on the Nimbus is exclusive to the anime.
  • Obotchaman fixing up General Blue's car is exclusive to the anime.
  • The scene where General Blue fights Taro, Gala, and Pagos is exclusive to the anime.
  • Arale sending the Police Car that General Blue is driving flying through the air and then showing him some poop on a stick that disgusts him is exclusive to the anime.
  • The scene of Goku asking all the random Dr. Slump characters in Penguin Village if they have seen General Blue is exclusive to the anime.


  • When General Blue says that he owes General White an apology in the English dub, he may be referring to mocking White over having trouble with just a boy. However, such a conversation is never depicted in the English dub, although the manga and Japanese version of "Bulma's Bad Day" does have him claiming that White alongside Silver were "embarrassments" to the Red Ribbon Army when one of his subordinates tries to warn him that Goku took both out.
    • On a similar note, Blue's reference to White was in the English dub only. Originally, he merely stated Goku's persistence was starting to wear thin on his sanity and that he'll need to kill him just to put his mind at ease without so much as even mentioning White.
  • The poorly-played theme heard when Sourman is revealed matches the first eleven notes in John Williams' Superman theme. General Blue then advises him to get rid of the bow-tie, which is one of the few items of clothing on Sourman that is not seen on Superman. Lastly, Sourman admits to not thinking of giving Blue some transportation that flies, as Superman himself is capable of flight.
  • The shot of a panda hanging onto the top of a palm tree is similar to a shot in "The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi", where a Tori-Bot is seen doing the same thing.
  • The car the policemen are driving is a super-deformed version of a classic Porche 911 Carrera.
  • General Blue's arrival at Penguin Village proper was rewritten in the FUNimation dub. In the dub, he speculates that its back-water nature could allow him to not only take over the town in less than a day with a single tank, but even be declared a god by the populace. In the Japanese version, he noted it was a terrible place to live and wished to urgently contact the Red Ribbon Army HQ without so much as even considering invading it in the near future.
  • The scene with General Blue and Obotchaman's encounter is changed in the FUNimation dub to have Blue mistake Obotochaman for his long-lost brother Samuel due to the original scene passing for pedophilia (Blue crushing on Obotochaman). Specifically:
    • In the Japanese version, Blue specifically notes that Obotchaman was his type, and attempts to lean in to kiss him. In the dub, he while acknowledging the boy's appearance then wonders if Obotchaman was in fact his missing younger brother Samuel.
    • In the Japanese version, Blue after thanking Obotchaman asks him if he wished to grab a bite to eat in an unsubtle attempt at asking him out, and after Obotchaman politely refuses, then asks Obotchaman if he'd like pretty clothes at least, with Obotchaman saying he doesn't need anything in return before leaving. The English dub rewrites it to have Blue express amazement at how fast he fixed it, with Obotchaman admitting he really likes automobiles including vans, and Blue then recalling Samuel had been skilled at fixing things in a form of nostalgia, causing Obotchaman to tell Blue he mixed him up with someone else and gives his name before leaving for a meeting.
    • In the Japanese version, after Obotchaman left Blue in the dust, Blue angrily yells after Obotchaman and grudgingly states he was merely a country bumpkin anyhow while derisively calling him shorty at the spurn, while in the English dub, he instead verbally beats himself up, stating with some despair that Samuel's never returning and that he should just get back to his mission of locating Goku and the Dragon Balls.
    • In the European Spanish dub, although they largely kept Blue crushing on Obotchaman, they changed the latter's gender to female.
  • Several of Shunsuke Kikuchi's music cues from Dr. Slump were recycled in this episode.
  • After Arale runs into the police car, the word "Police" can be seen misspelled as "Polise" as it flies through the air.
  • When Blue discovers Goku's survival, he expresses disbelief that Goku could have survived the fall from the sky. Ironically, Blue himself would survive an even larger fall in the ending of the immediate next episode.
  • In the Japanese version, Arale offers Blue poop, with her friends offering a larger mound when he emphatically refuses. The English version tones down the scene by implying with Arale saying "Would you like another flavor?" when unveiling the larger mound that she was offering ice cream.
    • On a similar note, the Japanese version has Blue saying while refusing "Get away from me! I loathe nothing more than girls and poop!" in reference to his homosexuality. This line was altered in the English dub.


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