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"Straightaway Into Despair? The Terror of Majin Buu" (ぜつぼういっちょくせん!? じんブウのきょう Zetsubō e Itchokusen!? Majin Bū no Kyōfu, lit. "A Straight Line to Despair?! The Terror of the Majin Boo") is the one hundred seventeenth episode in Japan and one hundred twenty-fourth episode internationally of Dragon Ball Z Kai. This episode first aired in Japan on August 17, 2014. Its original American airdate was July 15, 2017.


While Majin Buu doesn’t seem very strong, according to Shin, who saw Buu long ago, this is in fact the genuine article. In the midst of their battle, Goku and Vegeta also sense a large ki. Babidi tells Buu that he is Buu’s master, but Buu won’t listen to him. However, Dabura then calls him an idiot, and Buu, feeling angered by his insult, attacks, and defeats him easily. At that time, Goku senses Gohan, Shin, and Buu’s ki and begs for Vegeta to postpone the fight. Even when told his family will be killed by Buu, Vegeta refuses, saying he could careless what happens to his family. After berating Vegeta and knocking him down, Goku finally convinces Vegeta to oblige. But Vegeta catches Goku off guard, while he was grabbing the last Senzu Bean from his pouch, and knocks him unconscious, then heads there alone. Meanwhile, Gohan and Shin try to escape from Buu, but Buu catches up with them and knocks Gohan down. Shin counterattacks, but it has no effect against Buu.


  • The broadcast version of the next episode preview was cut down from 30 seconds to 15 seconds, as the beginning featured a 15-second promotion for a special present giveaway from Fuji TV. Ten lucky fans who submitted a postcard to the lottery giveaway by 8 September 2014 would win a “Dragon Ball Kai DVD & CD Set”, which includes a copy of the “Majin Buu arc” DVD Box #1 and the CD single of the opening theme, “Kuu-Zen-Zetsu-Go ”. A full 30 second next episode preview was produced, as posted on Fuji TV’s official series website after the episode aired, and is included on the home video release.[1]


  1. DBZ Kai Ep 117. Kanzenshu.

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