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"I have a couple of unexpected guests. They got down snake road even faster than you did, eh let's just say they're not your ordinary guests. Okay I'll give you a hint. There's four of them. Let's also say you know these guys pretty well."
King Kai to Goku

"Stay Away from Frieza" is the thirteenth episode of the Namek Saga and the thirty-ninth episode of the original Saban dub for the Dragon Ball Z series. It aired in first-run syndication on October 25, 1997.


King Kai with the deceased Z Fighters

King Kai tells Goku that four visitors have come for training. Goku does not know what King Kai is blabbering about. King Kai tells that Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, and Chiaotzu have come for training. Goku is surprised. He tells King Kai that Vegeta is on Namek. Yamcha (he has kept his hand on King Kai’s back to talk to Goku) and King Kai are surprised. But matters get worse as Goku tells that there is one more power on Namek, even more powerful than Vegeta. King Kai and Yamcha are getting goose bumps. King Kai walks forward to catch signals from Namek to check out whose power level could be so high. So his antennas begin to shine and he can see Namek. Then he sees Frieza. Kai, desperately collecting himself, tells Goku not even to go near Frieza. Goku asks why not. King Kai tells, Goku is too weak to fight Frieza, as he is the strongest being in the universe. But then Piccolo talks to Goku and says, “Attack him!” Goku agrees. King Kai gets furious and makes Goku and others promise that they will not go near Frieza.

Vegeta learns of Zarbon's presence

Dende is not eating his food and Krillin tells it is not that bad. Bulma throws a pie at Krillin. Dende tells that Namekians do not eat, they only drink water. Then Krillin says that there is only one Dragon Ball left as Frieza has five and Vegeta has one. So Krillin and Dende go to Grand Elder Guru to collect their Dragon Ball. But what’s this? Vegeta is coming to get them. Krillin lowers his energy level. Vegeta now cannot sense him. Instead, he senses Zarbon. He flies to fight him.


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