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"Stage One: Pocus" (ゲーム Geimu, lit. "The Game") is the two hundred fifty fifth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred forty-ninth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


Babidi injects the Energy-Suction Device into the shell containing Majin Buu. Babidi, however, ends up getting a shock, as the single injection has given them almost half the energy they need to revive Majin Buu. He starts to wonder if maybe he was a bit too hasty in eliminating Spopovich and Yamu, but Dabura reassures him that the energy of the fools they lured into the ship will finish the job. Babidi, reassured, flies back up to see if Pui Pui had finished yet, but is taken aback because the fighting hasn't even started yet.

And the reason is because Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta are playing Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who gets first crack at Pui Pui. In the end, Vegeta wins the game, and steps up to fight Pui Pui. Pui Pui reveals that, if they take any damage, it will be converted to energy for Majin Buu. Vegeta just smirks, asking if they don't get any damage if he doesn't get hurt. Pui Pui acknowledges this, but calls it unlikely. Vegeta just tells him to start the fight, then.

Pui Pui charges Vegeta with a kick, but Vegeta easily blocks it and counters with a kick of his own, slamming Pui Pui into the wall. Pui Pui pushes himself up, and right into Vegeta kicking him upward into the ceiling. It quickly becomes obvious that Pui Pui is no match for Vegeta, which surprised both Babidi and Shin. Babidi, knowing Pui Pui needs an edge, uses his Paparapapa magic to transport them to Pui Pui's home world of Zoon.

Pui Pui now thinks the advantage is his, because the gravity of Planet Zoon is ten times that of Earth, but Vegeta, having trained in gravity levels far higher than ten times, is completely unfazed. He rapidly zips over to Pui Pui and annihilates him with a Double Galick Cannon. The ease of which Vegeta destroyed Pui Pui comes as another shock to Shin and Babidi, who never imagined they were this powerful. With the defeat of Pui Pui, they can proceed to the next stage.




  • Vegeta vs. Pui Pui

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