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Splitting Headache (ブレーンクラッシュハンマー Bunretsuzutsū, lit. "Brain Crush Hammer") is an Energy Wave used by Gotenks in his Super Saiyan 3 form. It is called Brain Crush Hammer in Daizenshuu 7.


Gotenks raises his right hand up in the air and forms a huge golden-yellow energy sphere. The sphere changes into an energy wave that fires down on the opponent, splitting them in half. Gotenks finishes by firing two energy waves called "Finish Flash" from his palms to destroy the opponent's two halves.


Gotenks uses this attack once during his battle against Super Buu outside of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. After being thrown into a lake by Super Buu, Gotenks rises up in the air behind Super Buu and attacks him with the Splitting Headache, blasting the Majin into little pieces which surround Gotenks. However, the surrounding pieces wrap up and join together to reform Super Buu, allowing him to squeeze Gotenks and send him crashing into the nearby canyon rocks.

Video Game Appearances

The was named Splitting Headache in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.



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