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Spinach Wastes (スピニッチ荒野 Supinitchi Arano),[2] also called Northern Wilderness,[3] is the farmland on Earth where Ostrich Chickens live. It is located west of the Bamboo Forest, south of the Northern Mountains and north of Spindletop Flats. Natade Village is nearby.[3]


Krillin at Spinach Wastes during the arrival of the Saiyans

Spinach Wastes is where Raditz's Attack Ball lands, in which the farmer arrived with his pickup truck to check it out, only to be killed by the Saiyan. Raditz later returns to this place after kidnapping Gohan. Piccolo and Goku came here to battle Raditz and, thanks to Gohan's intervention, Piccolo fires his Special Beam Cannon, killing both Raditz and Goku. Master Roshi, Krillin and Bulma later land on this location to check on Goku and Piccolo.

Krillin was training in Spinach Wastes right before the arrival of Nappa and Vegeta on Earth.[2]

The Northern Wilderness in the Majin Buu Saga

The Four-Star Dragon Ball is found in this region during the Majin Buu Saga.[3] In both the movie and the saga, monstrous dinosaurs are shown to live in the region.

Film Appearances

In Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming, Broly's Attack Ball lands nearby Natade Village where Broly falls into a coma after his ship becomes enveloped in ice.

Years later Goten, Trunks, and Videl arrive in Natade Village while searching for the Earth Dragon Balls. They learn that the local shaman (village idiot in the Funimation dub) Maloja has convinced the villagers to sacrifice young maidens in order to appease a monster. In exchange for a necklace, Videl, Trunks, and Goten offer to confront the monster. Unfortunately Goten starts crying when Videl stops him from eating the offerings for the monster, which causes Broly to awaken due to being reminded of his nemesis Kakarot's crying when they were infants.

Goten, Trunks, and Videl discover the monster is just a local Dinosaur which they defeat. Super Saiyan C-type Broly later attacks, forcing Videl, Goten, and Trunks to fight off the Legendary Saiyan while trying to acquire the last Dragon Ball in the hopes they could use it to defeat Broly due to being unaware of Shenron's limitations (as Shenron cannot defeat or kill anyone stronger than his creator). Fortunately, Gohan senses the battle and shows up just in time to save them from Broly, whom seeks revenge upon Kakarot only for Gohan to inform him that Goku is currently deceased. Gohan attempts to kill Broly by tricking him to end up being consumed by lava that emerged from the ground due to the intensity of their battle and is saved from the same fate by Krillin humorously sporting a set of Demon Clothes. Unfortunately Broly survives thanks to his Barrier and defeats Krillin with a single punch. Gohan and Goten attempt to defeat Broly's Omega Blaster with their Bros. Kamehameha but it isn't enough causing Goten to wish their father was there, with Goku (or an illusion of him) suddenly appearing. Together with Goku, the Bros. Kamehameha becomes the Family Kamehameha which blasts Broly into the sun killing him. However Goku disappears after the battle along with the Dragon Balls with the narrator implying he was the real Goku temporarily brought back to life or an illusion created by Goten's wish.

In Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly, the disgraced shaman Maloja is revealed to have witnessed the Dragon Team's battle with Broly and his status as the Legendary Super Saiyan. Maloja ends up finding Broly's Landing Site and his Attack Ball which contained blood that had come from Broly's chest wound after escaping New Planet Vegeta following his initial defeat by Goku. Maloja takes a sample of the blood to Lord Jaguar who gives it to his team of scientists which includes Dr. Collie and Nain to create a Bio-Warrior clone of Broly.

Video Game Appearances

Spinach Wastes was named Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans. Enemies encountered here are Ostrich Chicken, Dododo, Roundworm & Roundworm Larva, Wild Boar, Meadow Wizard, Distrustful Man, Hungry Bear, Stray Dog. Right before the arrival of the Saiyans in the game, Krillin is seen training here.

In Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku, Goku travels through an unnamed village very similar to Natade Village located south of Spinach Wastes (like Natade Village). Named Northern Wilderness in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, Goten and Trunks defeat Broly on the Volcano in the north part of Natade Village in this area in exchange for Maloja's Four-Star Ball. Enemies encountered here in the game are Ghosts, Majin Soldiers, Majin Fighters, Mercenaries, Tanks, Vampires, Living Deads, Ninjas, Lichs, Destroyers, Mummies, and Samurais.

Westland Billboard featuring an Ostrich Chicken and the Farmer in Dragon Ball Online

In Dragon Ball Online, there is a billboard for Spinach Wastes which is called Westland on the billboard which depicts an Ostrich Chicken and the Farmer pitching hay into his pickup truck.

It is a playable battle stage in the Budokai series, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (called Plains), and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

In Jump Force, the Matterhorn stage features a crashed Attack Ball which makes the Matterhorn resemble Spinach Wastes. As Namek is implied to have merged with Liberty Island in Upper New York Bay, the Matterhorn of real world and Spinach Wastes on Earth may have merged as well as various stages appear to be real world locations merged with locations from various worlds of Shonen Jump.

"A large ravine lined with unusually shaped rocks. An arch-shaped rock can be found in the center. Though it's an arid region, it has a large river and lake, so there is access to plenty of water. Secrets of East Ravine 1: It is an extremely rural region full of natural resources, but not many people live here. Raditz's space pod landed in this area."
East Ravine Z-Encyclopedia Summary in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, the area where Raditz's Round Spaceship crashes is called East Ravine. The events of Raditz's arrival are altered slightly as Goku and Gohan see his spaceship in the sky from Kame House before it crash lands in East Ravine. However he still encounters the Farmer though the Farmer's Truck is absent as he reaches the crash site on foot. Piccolo also encounters Raditz within the East Ravine Area though away from his crash site which corresponds to official maps of Earth which depicts the site of their first encounter as nearby Raditz's Landing Site. Additionally Ostrich Chickens do not appear at all in East Ravine which is inhabited by Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs, Wolves, and Gazelle instead. The East Ravine area is mostly rural with two villagers (Olive Village and Lucca Village) and research center. The people living in the area are primarily farmers, miners, mineralogists, and paleontologists, though tourists occasionally visit to enjoy the natural beauty. Most of the inhabitants believe the temors caused by Raditz's spaceship crashing was the result of a meteorite impact though one Occult-Loving Woman suspects it is a UFO and the Farmer is the only inhabitant to actually see it was a spaceship and not a meteor.

"An expansive wasteland relatively untouched by humans. It is full of wildlife, with dinosaurs sitting atop the local food chain. This makes it a dangerous region for humans to travel through."
Raditz's Landing Point Z-Encyclopedia Summary in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The crash site of Raditz's Spaceship is becomes a landmark in East Ravine and is called Raditz's Landing Point in the Z-Encyclopedia's World section under Landmarks. After the Saiyan Saga, Bulma sends Capsule Corporation personnel to investigate the wreckage at the crash site of Raditz's spaceship. Her father Dr. Briefs also visits the site himself to oversee the investigation in the hope it will help him develop his own spaceship. During a Sub Story, Bulma asks Gohan to search the crash site for anything her father and the team might have missed. Gohan finds a Mysterious Chip in the center of the crash site and brings it to Bulma who discovers it's a slightly fried communications chip and she manages to retrieve some broken audio recording from it which features the Saiyans talking about Frieza though the broken recording prevents Gohan and Bulma from understanding it and Bulma decides it has nothing to do with them unaware they will soon encounter the person the Saiyans were talking about. During another Sub Story, Bulma detects a high power level near the crash site and sends Gohan to investigate as it is too much for Master Roshi to handle and Goku is still in the hospital. Gohan finds three Saibamen and defeats them. Afterwards he collects a High-Quality Carrot growing near the crash site and decides to take it with him. Returning to Bulna, he wonders why the Saibamen were there and Bulma surmises that the Spaceship contained a Saibamen Set which spilled when he destroyed the Spaceship. She also suspects some of the growth supplement spilled on vegetables near the crash site explaining the High-Quality Carrot he found growing nearby. The Occult-Loving Woman also suspects the alien that crashed in East Ravine was responsible for the destruction of East City unaware it was actually the alien's comrades. During Galactic Emperor Frieza Episode 1, the Pilaf Gang can be found at center of the crash site looking for pieces of the spaceship hoping they can use the technology for their benefit. During the second Intermission after the Frieza Saga, the Dragon Team (though it is stated to be Piccolo in the context of the story) can use the Dragon Balls to revive Raditz who is resurrected at his Landing Site. If spoken to with Piccolo as the party leader, he sees Raditz back and the Saiyan asks what does he want. This leads to Raditz's Sub Story "The Pride of the Warrior Race". Piccolo asks how he feels to be revived by the one who killed him (he says this regardless of whether or not he was in the player's party when the wish was made) and Raditz is surprised as he assumed that his comrade Vegeta wished him back after he was killed. Piccolo however points out to him that Vegeta isn't the type to wish back someone who would lose so easily. Raditz however says that he was just caught off guard for a second. This causes Piccolo to suggest he take him on again effectively giving Raditz a chance to both avenge himself and his wounded Saiyan Pride. Piccolo (and any characters currently in his party acting as supports) faces off against Raditz and his two Saibamen lackeys. After Piccolo defeats Raditz, he can't believe how strong Piccolo is and starts complaining. Piccolo tells him the difference between him and Goku is that Goku doesn't complain when he loses. However Raditz says he still has his Saiyan Pride and says that he can get stronger if he trains. Intrigued, Piccolo suggests he train with the Z Warriors which Raditz accepts saying they will be laying before his feet once he gets stronger. Thus the Sub Story ends with Raditz remaining on Earth in order to surpass Piccolo and Z Warriors by training with them. Completing this Sub Story unlocks Raditz's Soul Emblem. By the time of the Cell Saga, Master Shen and Cyborg Tao are searching the crash site for alien technology with which to upgrade Cyborg Tao, though they are apparently unaware that several others have already investigated and/or scavenged the site, meaning the likelihood of them finding anything useful is remote.

Namekian Necke defending Ramu & her father from Saibamen in Kakarot

After the Kid Buu Saga, Gohan can take on the Cooking Sub Story: "Stranger Danger" in Olive Village, where he investigates the disappearance of a young girl named Ramu. Gohan finds Ramu injured and being healed by a Namekian known Mysterious Figure whom Gohan discovers is teenage Necke, a Namekian that Gohan helped out previously when both of them were children during the Battle on Planet Namek. He learns that due to Necke's disorder that prevents him from absorbing nutrients from water forcing him to eat solid food (due to a stress disorder caused by the trauma of witnessing his village being slaughtered by the Frieza Force as a child), Necke chose to remain on Earth instead of relocating to New Namek due to the availability of solid food on Earth. However the inhabitants of Olive Village are apparently familiar with the old stories of the King Piccolo wars thanks to an old man who remembers King Piccolo's reign of terror, so Necke lives as a hermit in the wilderness of East Ravine to avoid conflict with the locals believing they would be fearful of his alien appearance which resembles that of the Namekian Demon King whom once terrorised the people of Earth just as Frieza had done to the Namekians, as Necke once assumed that all aliens were evil like the Frieza Force, as he was distrustful of the Gohan at first when they first meet on Namek years ago. Gohan assumes Necke had kidnapped Ramu, but Ramu defends Necke, saying that he helped her when she got lost and hurt in the mountains. Necke reveals he felt compelled to help Ramu as Gohan had helped him years ago. However Ramu befriended Necke and refuses to leave him forms an emotional attachment to him and refuses to return home without him. Gohan and Necke return Ramu to her father, but despite what Necke did for his daughter, he doesn't fully trust him because he's still worried about "strange green monsters". Gohan senses something nearby and finds some Saibamen (who have come to inhabit Earth due to various major and minor invasions by members of the Frieza Force including Raditz). Meanwhile, another group of Saibamen attack Olive Village, forcing Necke to protect Ramu and her father, though fortunately Gohan arrives in time to help. Realizing he was wrong about Necke, Ramu's father asks him to come and live him and Ramu in Olive Village, which Necke gladly accepts. As a result, Necke becomes a resident of Olive Village.


Notable residents

  • Farmer[2] (Lucca Village)[1]
  • Maloja (Natade Village)[3]
  • Broly (Broly's Landing Site)[3]
  • Raditz (Raditz's Landing Site, post-resurrection)[1]
  • Saibamen (spawned in the East Ravine wilderness by the Saibamen Set from Raditz's Attack Ball)[1]
  • Necke (originally lived in the East Ravine wilderness after chosing to remain on Earth; later becomes a resident of Olive Village)[1]
  • Ramu (Olive Village)[1]
  • Ramu's Father (Olive Village)[1]



  • Lucca Village[1]
  • Olive Village[1]
  • Natade Village[3]
  • Raditz's Landing Point
  • Site where Piccolo meets Raditz (ピッコロ·ラディッツ接蝕地点)[1]
  • Broly's Landing Point[3]



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