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Spike Hell (針山地獄 Hari Yama Jigoku, lit. "Needle Mountain Hell") is a technique used by Janemba in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.


First, Janemba traps his opponent in a sphere made from the Blood Pond, and then he creates beams of energy from his Dimension Sword that can cut through both the trap and the opponent easily.


Goku trapped inside a bloody crystal

Janemba uses this technique to trap Goku inside a cage made from the Hell's Blood Pond.

Video Game Appearances

Spike Hell in Infinite World

Spike Hell is named in Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World, where the move is Janemba's ultimate technique. In this video game, Janemba first punches his opponent up in the air and flies after them. Then, he creates a red energy sphere in his left hand and charges at the opponent, striking them with the energy sphere and trapping them in a dome made from the Blood Pond. Finally, instead of using his sword, Janemba uses his Lightning Shower Rain and flies through the attack, breaking the Lightning Shower Rain into green, sharp glass-like bullets that strike the trapped opponent.

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