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This article is about the second special comic. For other special comics, see Special Comic. For the bonus stories, see Bonus Story.

"Special Comic" (特別編 Tokubetsuhen, Special Edition) is a bonus chapter for Dragon Ball Super manga.


On Snake Way, King Kai and Grand Elder Moori are there with Porunga summoned. King Kai plans to revive his planet but bigger, with less gravity and a race track. However, Goku hears about this and uses Instant Transmission to get to Snake Way, telling Porunga to revive King Kai's planet exactly the way it was as its ten-times gravity is great for training. After his planet is wished back, King Kai is angry that Goku stole his wish, but Goku quickly leaves after saying that Chi-Chi will get mad at him for not doing farm work. Moori gathers the inactive Namekian Dragon Balls to take back to New Namek.




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