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 Special Age is a set of scenarios which depicts several events that happen after the Majin Buu Saga in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. The events of the Special Age all happen after the defeat of Kid Buu. The scenarios "God of Destruction" and "The Ultimate, Vegito" seem to occur after Beerus awakens again, as Beerus attempts to satisfy his need to try pudding that he gained during Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and, in the final scenario, the Z Fighters are said to have surpassed Beerus and Whis.

List of scenarios

  • "Noble Saiyan Blood": Raditz, Nappa, Bardock, and Broly have returned to life. Vegeta and Goku join them in a friendly battle against the non-full blooded Saiyan Dragon Team.
  • "Greatest Family Ever": After his death, Frieza gathers his army and family together and strikes back against the Z Fighters.
  • "Android Masterpieces": Dr. Gero returns with copies of all of his Androids and challenges the Z Fighters at a rebuilt Cell Games Arena.
  • "The Fearsome Majins": Every Majin character in the game challenges the Z Fighters. At the start of the scenario, the first four Majins use their special moves at once, causing great damage.
  • "Enemies Unite": Frieza, Cell, and Buu enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber alongside a version of Vegeta. The Z Fighters confront and battle them.
  • "Vegeta's Family": Vegeta boasts that his family is the strongest among the Z Fighters, and challenges the other Z Fighters to a fight alongside his son Trunks and his son's future counterpart.
  • "Goku's Family": Goku's whole family and himself (excluding Goku's Naruto sage mode DLC costume) challenges the player.
  • "New World Tournament": An unlimited amount of Saibamen, Frieza soldiers, Cell Jrs. and, rarely, Meta-Coolers, Majin Buus and strong versions of Saibamen await the player at the New World Tournament. Here, falling of the ring makes the player to lose one revive, and the only way to win is to survive 5 minutes or use an Ultimate Move and score a Z rank.
  • "God of Destruction": Beerus is waiting on the Sacred World of the Kai for pudding to be prepared so he can finally try it. However, the arrival of the Z Fighters causes all of the pudding to be spilled, prompting Beerus and Whis to battle them.
  • "The Ultimate, Vegito": All playable characters (excluding Goku's Naruto Sage mode costume, Whis and Beerus) will fight against the player. Super Vegito, with an outstanding power, is the final opponent.

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