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Soshiru (ソシル Soshiru) is a bounty hunter.

Concept and creation

Soshiru's name possibly comes from "miso soup" (みそしる; miso shiru)




Dragon Ball Super

Granolah the Survivor Saga

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Soshiru finishes delivering a target at the Heeter's Base, complaining at his lack of payment, when Granolah arrives bringing Seven-Three along with him. Soshiru suggests to Granolah that they claim they have both captured Seven-Three so that they can split the earnings though Granolah turns him down and threatens to hand his corpse over for bounty if he were to touch the container concealing Seven-Three again. Soshiru tells Granolah he is merely joking and that he should go ahead and sell the bounty and then pay for drinks afterwards.

However after Granolah sells Seven-Three to the Heeters and begins his return to his planet, Soshiru ambushes him in his spaceship along with his allies, telling him to hand over the bounty or he will shoot him down. Granolah sets down on an asteroid with Soshiru and his allies following after him. There, Soshiru boards the ship only to find that Granolah is gone. From a distance, Granolah snipes and stuns Soshiru's allies but threatens that the next shot aimed at Soshiru will be a fatal one. Soshiru surrenders, leaving behind his own bounty as an apology and takes off.



Soshiru was no match for Granolah once he revealed his right eye.


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