Son Goku Quits

"Son Goku Quits" (見切りをつけた孫悟空, Mikiri o Tsuketa Son Gokū, lit. "Son Goku Gives Up") is the one hundred thirty first chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred twenty-fifth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features two images of Namek on the verge of implosion.


Goku delivers a heavy punch to Frieza's stomach.jpg
Goku delivers a heavy punch to Frieza's stomach
With Namek on the brink of destruction, Frieza and Goku continue to trade blows. Goku hits Frieza with a punch to the stomach, but Frieza hits Goku with a strike to the neck, then kicks him away. Goku kicks off of a nearby rock formation and attacks Frieza with a flurry of kicks. The last hits Frieza in the face, sending him skidding away. Frieza is surprised as Goku quickly appears next to him. He hits Frieza in the face, then kicks and punches him in the back, knocking him away once again. Frieza quickly recovers, but is breathing very heavily. Goku suddenly declares that he quits.
Frieza throws a Death Saucer at Goku.jpg
Frieza throws a Death Saucer at Goku
An enraged Frieza asks Goku what he means, and Goku says that Frieza has burned out his power and that his ki is dropping fast. Goku says that he is satisfied, and that he has no reason to rub it in now that Frieza has felt fear. He then reverts to his base form. As Goku walks away, an irate Frieza says that he will never lose, and attacks Goku with a Death Saucer. Goku manages to dodge, and after lamenting Frieza's unwillingness to take his last chance, turns back into a Super Saiyan. The Death Saucer comes back towards Goku, and Goku flies around in order to dodge it. He says that he expected better from Frieza, and begins to fly towards the tyrant. Frieza thinks that Goku is going to try to dodge at the last minute and have the disk hit him, and says that he will not fall for that trick.






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