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"Son Goku Comes Home" (かえってそんくう Kaette Kita Son Gokū, lit. "Son Goku Comes Home") is the one hundred thirty ninth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred thirty-third overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter features Goku shown from above, wearing the outfit he gained while he was on Planet Yardrat and waving.


Future Trunks flies off to where he says Goku will land, and Gohan decides to follow him. Krillin is hesitant, but Tien Shinhan decides to follow the youth as well. Vegeta decides to go as well, and the rest of the Dragon Team follow suit. After a brief flight, Future Trunks lands and opens a capsule refrigerator. He says that there are still three hours until Goku arrives, and that he has brought drinks for everyone. Bulma, Gohan, and Krillin take him up on his offer.

Goku arrives back home

The Z Fighters begin to question Future Trunks about how he knows Goku and how he became so powerful. Future Trunks refuses to disclose much information, simply telling them that he has never actually met Goku and that he was indeed a Super Saiyan when he defeated Frieza and King Cold. Bulma notices the Capsule Corporation logo on the youth's jacket and asks for more information, but the youth only reveals that he is 17 years old. Tien and Yamcha ask for the youth's name, but Bulma tells them to stop bothering him. Gohan then asks Piccolo why he did not go with the other Namekians to New Namek, and Piccolo responds that he did not want a boring life, and tells Gohan that he trains every day.

Bulma comments to Krillin that Vegeta also trains every day, and asks if Krillin also thinks that Vegeta and the youth seem similar, but Krillin finds their personalities to be opposite. Vegeta sees Future Trunks looking at him, and asks what he is looking at, and Future Trunks does not respond. The group idly passes the time for the rest of the three hours. Future Trunks then suddenly declares that Goku should be arriving, and the group feels a large ki approaching. An Attack Ball with a Ginyu Force logo lands nearby, creating a large crater. Goku emerges dressed in a strange outfit, and is puzzled that his friends are there. Gohan asks if Goku knows the youth, and the Z Fighters are surprised when Goku asks who he is.





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