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"Son Goku... Resurrected!!" (孫悟空...復活!! Son Gokū...Fukkatsu!!, lit. "Son Goku... Revived!!") is the one hundred twelfth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred sixth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features a stern faced Goku standing.


Vegeta's Final Burst Cannon

Vegeta is visibly distraught by Frieza's superior speed. Frieza says that the Super Saiyan is only a legend after all. Vegeta angrily declares that he is a Super Saiyan, and unleashes a massive energy wave aimed at Frieza. Piccolo yells that the planet will be destroyed as well. Frieza seems surprised at the blast's strength, but kicks it away into the air. The Dragon Team are all stunned by this display. Vegeta, for the first time in his life, feels despair and begins to cry.

Frieza headbutts Vegeta, then kicks him down into the ground. As Vegeta lies in pain, Frieza lands, then picks Vegeta up and chokes him with his tail. He then begins punching him in the back. He mockingly tells Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo that they can help Vegeta whenever they feel like it. The three are too scared to move, and Frieza continues his assault.

Back at Frieza's Spaceship, Goku is marveling at Frieza's ki when the Medical Machine beeps, indicating that he is fully healed. He bursts out of the ship through the roof and shudders at his new power. However, he also says that it feels good coming at that time, and urges everyone else to hang on.





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