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"Son Goku, Galactic Patrol Officer" (銀河パトロール孫悟空 Ginga Patorōru Son Gokū) is the fourteenth volume of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


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Ever since Goku became Earth's greatest hero and gathered the seven Dragon Balls to defeat the evil Boo, his life on Earth has grown a little dull. But new threats loom overhead, and Goku and his friends will have to defend the planet once again in this continuation of Akira Toriyama's best-selling series, "Dragon Ball Super"![1]

Son Goku, Galactic Patrol Officer

Having acquired a new power of his own, Vegeta has returned home to Earth for a grudge match. His Forced Spirit Fission is capable of separating Moro from the energy he's stolen, but the mighty villain still has some tricks of his own…and not just the backup copy he made of Seven-Three's powers![2]

Story Thus Far

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A long, long time ago, Son Goku left on a journey in search of the legendary Dragon Balls—a set of seven balls that, when gathered, would summon the dragon Shenlong to grant any wish. After a great adventure, he collects them all. Later, he become the apprentice of Kame-Sen'nin, fight a number of vicious enemies, defeats the great Majin Boo and restores peace on Earth. Some time passes, and then Lord Beerus, the God Destruction, suddenly awakens and sets out in search of the Super Saiyan God. Goku, by becoming that Super Saiyan God, manages to stop Beerus from destroying Earth and starts training under him with Vegeta. After some time, the ancient villain Moro escapes from the Galactic Prison and goes off in search of the Dragon Balls in New Namek, where Goku and the Galactic Patrol confront him. However, Moro's ability to absorb life energy seems too much for them. After retreating, Goku and Vegeta follow separate training regimes in the hope of defeating Moro. Meanwhile, Moro's evil threatens Earth itself, but Gohan and the gang fight back against the villain's underlings. However, an even with additional training, Goku doesn't seem to stand a chance against Moro. That's when Vegeta makes his own surprising return to the battle![2]

Volume introduction by Toyotarō

"Dragon Ball Heroes, the digital card game for kids, just celebrated its tenth anniversary. Congratulations! I made my professional debut as a manga artist with the manga version of that game, so I consider it my benefactor. Gamefactor? Please keep running ahead at full steam, "Dragon Ball Heroes"! And know that I'll be following behind!"[2]

Cast of Characters

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Chapter # Title
61 "Vegeta Reborn"
DBS Chapter 61 Cover.png
62 "Edge of Defeat"
DBS Chapter 62.png
63 "Merus's Resolve"
DBS Chapter 63.png
64 "Son Goku, Galactic Patrol Officer"
DBS Chapter 64 Cover.png


  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved) vs. Moro
  • Vegeta (Super Saiyan God SS Evolved) vs. Moro (Transformed)
  • Goku (Perfected Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken), Gohan (Potential Unleashed), Piccolo, Android 17, Android 18, and Jaco vs. Moro (Transformed)
  • Merus vs. Moro (Transformed)
  • Goku (Ultra Instinct Sign) vs. Moro (Transformed)
  • Merus vs. Moro (Transformed)
  • Goku (Autonomous Ultra Instinct) vs. Moro (Transformed)



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