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"Son Goku, Galactic Patrol Officer" (ぎんパトロールそんくう Ginga Patorōru Son Gokū) is the 64th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


As the Galactic Patrol head back to the Galactic Prison, one of its members suddenly senses that Merus's ki signature has completely vanished. On Earth, Jaco is still grieving after Merus's death. While Goku tries to calm himself down, he tells Jaco that Merus taught him an important lesson: that he's not just fighting for himself anymore, having already been saved by both Vegeta and Dende previously. He realizes that Merus's sacrifice was not merely for his benefit, but for the universe as a whole. He asks Jaco why he decided to join the Galactic Patrol, to which he responds by saying that it is because he wanted to preserve peace in the galaxy (and also because the uniform was cool). Goku, acknowledging his current employment as a member of the Galactic Patrol, says that it is now his duty to protect the universe as well.

Goku begins to power up

Moro returns, only to find that Merus isn't there. Goku informs him that Merus has died and that it is now his job to take Moro down for good. Goku unleashes his inner power, sending a torrent of energy into the sky as Gohan and Piccolo watch from afar. As the Earth begins to settle from Goku's sudden power-up, he emerges in Perfected Ultra Instinct.

As Goku slowly steps forward, Moro looks on in horror and, in a fit of panic, attempts an attack, only for Goku to grab his arm and stop him before he has the chance. Goku displays his new level of strength by effortlessly dodging and blocking every single one of Moro's attacks with the utmost of ease, explaining to Moro that his body is reacting on its own.

Goku lands a devastating attack on Moro

Enraged, Moro unleashes his full power and charges. However, Goku uses a God Bind to stop Moro in his tracks, before lifting him into the air. Goku leaps towards Moro and lands a powerful punch to his stomach with such force that the impact sends shockwaves across the entire planet. Beerus commends Goku on his ability, saying that the way he fights is god-like, a rare show of respect that surprises Whis. Moro lands with a thud, heavily injured from the blow, and Goku tells him that it is useless to try and fight back now.

Growing ever more desperate, Moro begins to use the planet's own energy as a means of offense, but this still proves futile as Goku kicks him into a stream of energy, severing one of his arms in the process. Moro then attempts to suck the Earth's energy dry and consume it for himself, but, before he can get the chance, Goku strikes him hard into a nearby rock, causing a large chunk to break away from the impact and pin Moro underneath. No longer having the energy to even move, Moro weakly begs Goku to have mercy on him.

Goku confirms from Jaco that Moro had been previously sentenced to death and, with a simple gesture, tears off his Gi with the Galactic Patrol insignia on it, telling him that, from here on out, he will fight as an Earthling and show no mercy towards Moro. This concerns Beerus greatly, as he has never seen Goku act this way before...







  • Goku (Perfected Ultra Instinct) vs. Moro (Transformed)


  • Goku can now use Perfected Ultra Instinct at will.
  • Goku ripping his shirt is the same as he did back during his first battle with Vegeta.


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