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"Son Goku, Earthling" (きゅうじん そんくう Chikyū-jin Son Gokū) is the 65th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


At the battlefield, Krillin has now arrived with a bag full of Senzu Beans, watches as Goku proceeds to overcome his adversary Moro. Goku destroys the boulders that Moro is pinned beneath with a kiai and tells him to get up before appearing beside Krillin to take the bag of Senzus from him. He re-appears in front of Moro and offers to spare his life in return for him returning to the Galactic Prison and never attempts to break free again. Moro hastily accepts the offer and, without hesitation, Goku tosses him a Senzu, telling him that it will instantly restore his stamina, much to Krillin and Jaco's horror. Moro eats the bean and finds his injuries healed. Goku asks if he intends to keep his promise but Moro reveals that he lied, instead opting to once again attack Goku by attempting to pierce through his chest as he did earlier.

Moro breaks his wrist on Goku's body

However, Moro instead breaks his arm on Goku's sturdy body, causing him to cry out in pain. Goku calls him a coward and that he could never defeat him. He drops back down to his normal state and asks Moro if he has even trained once in his life. When Moro says that he has not, Goku says that it's a pity, as he could have grown stronger through training than he ever did by eating planets and killing innocent people, though Moro claims that training is only for weaklings. Goku calls it a shame, as he'd never fought anyone as tough as him before and would have loved the opportunity to fight with him again.

Moro copies Angel Power

Jaco urges Goku to finish off Moro, as he had failed to keep his promise and Goku asks once more if he will return to prison. Moro, on his knees, spots his previously severed arm behind Goku. Getting to his feet, he vows to continue devouring planets until all of Universe 7 is left barren, causing Goku to tap back into Perfected Ultra Instinct with the intention of finishing him off. When he hears that Merus was the one who taught him that power, he asks if Merus was capable of using the same technique. He summons his arm back towards him and attaches it. Gaining Merus' powers and abilities, Moro takes on an angelic form with his orbs being restored on his body.

Moro lands a blow on Goku, sending him skidding backward. steals the bag of Senzu beans from Goku, and destroys them. then The two battle once more and Whis teleports Jaco and Krillin inside his barrier for their safety as the two clashes and creates a large explosion. Fearful of the damage they could do to the Earth, Goku asks Moro to follow him and the two continue their skirmish in the sky, with Moro amazed at what his body is now capable of. As they race across the planet, Moro lands a kick on Goku that sends him hurtling into a mountain. Moro reminds Goku that he still has magic, and thus has the upper hand. Unfazed, Goku simply asks Moro to try harder. As they continue, Moro's arm swells up to several times its ordinary size in an attempt to hit Goku, though he easily avoids it and follows up with a counter kick to his back.

As a result, Moro's upper body swells up too and Whis explains to Jaco that his body is attempting to contain the Angel power coursing through him. With Moro continuing to swell up, Goku begins to gain more and more of an advantage and soon reminds him that he is now experiencing the same thing that Saganbo did when Moro killed him. He tells Moro that he had only mastered this technique due to training his body unlike Moro and urges him to give up the power before it destroys him.

Planet Moro is born

As Moro's body continues to break down, he voices his desire to attain a body strong enough to endure this power. Whis tells Goku that, if he intends to kill Moro, then he should do so now as it would be unwise to drag the battle out any further. Goku goes to finish the job, only for Moro's disfigured and large face to appear beneath and behind him, firing off a powerful blast that catches Goku off-guard. While the attack does little to faze Goku, he is more surprised by what happens next: Moro has merged with the planet itself.

Whis tells everyone that Moro's fate is now tied to the planet's and that killing him will result in him also destroying the Earth, lamenting that all of Goku's training was seemingly for nothing. In addition, Moro's body has now become a huge bomb, which will eradicate the entire galaxy if it explodes. Moro arrogantly laughs as he declares that this is the end for Goku...







  • Goku (Perfected Ultra Instinct) vs. Moro (Transformed/Perfected Ultra Instinct/Earth absorbed)


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