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"Son Goku's Choice" (むなしいけっちゃく Munashī Ketchaku, lit. "A Vain Conclusion") is the one hundred thirty second chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred twenty-sixth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features a bloodied and bruised Super Saiyan Goku, with Namek imploding in the background.


Frieza generates another Death Saucer

Goku charges straight at Frieza with the Death Saucer chasing after him. He changes direction and flies straight upwards, and Frieza sends the disk upwards after him. It appears to hit Goku, but it was only an afterimage. Goku himself is on the ground, and tells Frieza that he should improve if he really wants to settle this. Frieza responds by creating two Death Saucers and unleashing them at Goku. Goku briefly dodges before flying towards Frieza again. Frieza says that Goku is primitive for trying the same trick again.

Frieza vivisected by his own attack

As Goku flies towards Frieza, he unleashes a small Ki Blast which creates an explosion. Blinded by the smoke, Frieza jumps upwards to avoid a disk. However, Goku is waiting above, and smashes Frieza down into the ground below. As Frieza begins to get up, Goku emphatically tells him to stay down. Frieza does not listen, and is cut in half at the waist by the second disk. As he lies on the ground in two pieces, Goku tells Frieza that such a pathetic end is not worthy of him, but he will share the same fate as Namek. Frieza begs for help, and Goku pauses, leading King Kai to tell him to escape immediately. Goku is enraged that Frieza would ask such a thing after killing so many, but gives him enough ki to fly.







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