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"Son Gohan" (孫悟飯 Son Gohan) is the one hundred eighth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows characters like Goku, Master Roshi, Krillin and Yamcha. Grandpa Gohan is seen taking off his mask.


Goku cries out in pain, his tail having just been unintentionally ripped off by the masked warrior, who is actually Grandpa Gohan, unbeknownst to Goku. Roshi deduces that this means Goku no longer has a weak spot. Yamcha, Bulma, and the others are shocked about the masked warrior's identity, in disbelief because Grandpa Gohan is supposed to be dead. Roshi points out the halo over Gohan's head. Goku, meanwhile, is angered about the loss of his tail and prepares to fight Grandpa Gohan, who then surrenders. Grandpa Gohan then shocks Goku by revealing his true identity and removing the mask. Goku is overjoyed, and hugs his adoptive grandfather, then cries. Grandpa Gohan then chastises Goku for not overcoming the weakness of his tail sooner.

Grandpa Gohan reveals himself

Grandpa Gohan reveals himself

Goku asks Gohan how he was revived, and Gohan explains that he is still dead, but Fortuneteller Baba brought him from the afterlife to fight matches for her. Goku asks Grandpa Gohan to live with him again, but then Gohan reveals that he is only back from the afterlife for a day. It is revealed that Fortuneteller Baba intentionally chose to pit Gohan up against Goku, by Gohan's request. Gohan thanks Roshi for training and watching over Goku, and then asks him if Goku has been transforming into a Great Ape, upon which Roshi states that he has things under control.

Goku then shows Grandpa Gohan his amassed collection of Dragon Balls, and Bulma explains how the Dragon Balls changed Goku's life. Upa feels bad about having his father alone be revived while Goku's grandfather is dead, to which Gohan responds that he is fond of the afterlife, hinting that women might be the reason that is so. Gohan then bids Goku and the others farewell before returning to the afterlife.

Fortuneteller Baba then uses her powers to locate the remaining Dragon Ball for Goku and company. Her crystal ball shows the car that Emperor Pilaf, Shu, and Mai, who plan to steal Goku's Dragon Balls, are traveling in, and Bulma ponders why the Dragon Ball did not show up on the Dragon Radar. Baba then reveals the ball is not far off, and is moving towards them.





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