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"Son Gohan's Last Stand" (孫悟飯死す!? Son Gohan Shisu!?, lit. "Son Gohan Dies?!") is the eighty fourth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred seventy-eighth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Gohan crouching down and about to touch a lizard on Namek.


Ecstatic at finally having all seven Dragon Balls together, Frieza commands the balls to give him eternal life. He is disconcerted when nothing seems to happen. Captain Ginyu asks if he is now immortal, and Frieza replies that he does not believe so. Wondering why nothing happened, he recalls a Namekian elder telling him that he would not be able to get his wish, even if he did manage to get all seven. He concludes that their must be a code, and that they need to force a Namekian to tell them. Now upset that he slaughtered so many, Frieza uses his scouter to search the planet, and quickly finds the ki signals of Dende, Guru, and Nail. Frieza sets off to find them, leaving Ginyu to guard the Dragon Balls.

Meanwhile, the fight between Recoome and Gohan continues. Recoome fires a volley of ki blasts, which Gohan dodges only to get punched in the face. As he struggles to get up, Krillin tells him to stop. However, Gohan persists, impressing Recoome. Gohan dashes to attack Recoome again, but Recoome dodges and connects with a powerful kick. Gohan is send flying and slams into the ground as Krillin and Vegeta watch.

As Gohan lies motionless, Jeice says that he has no energy left, which Burter says is a result of his neck being broken. Vegeta manages to get up and say that Gohan is pathetic, while Recoome complains that the fights are boring. However, just then, Goku's Capsule Corporation spaceship lands on Namek.





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