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Solar Flare x100 (100倍太陽拳 Hyakubai Taiyōken, lit. "100-Fold: Sun Fist" or "100-Fold: Solar Fist") is a more powerful version of the Solar Flare named and developed by Krillin.[1]


Krillin flies in front of the sun and uses the Solar Flare, but as he does he uses much more energy and strengthens the blinding effect. This technique, unlike it's predecessor, has the ability to blind opponents even if their eyes are closed.[1] The Solar Flare x100 also prevents the opponent from sensing the user's ki. However, sunglasses can still negate the intense rays. This technique also does not work on those who are already blind and/or those who use other ways to sense their enemy (other than ki sense).

Usage and Power

Krillin uses this technique during his brief sparring match with Gohan, taking advantage of the Tournament of Power's ring-out rule. Krillin flies in front of the sun and uses Solar Flare x100, effectively blinding Gohan and preventing him from tracking Krillin's ki. Krillin takes the opportunity to knock Gohan out, forcing him to use Flight, thus making him lose the match due to the rules. Impressed by the technique, Gohan notes Krillin's skill and experience.


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