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The Society Survival Saga (社会サバイバル編 Shakai Sabaibaru Hen) is a spin-off saga of the Universe Survival Saga. It was first posted on Toei Animation's website and twitter [1] as an April Fools' Day 2017 joke.


In the midst of the economic depression of the space scale said to be once in centuries, the country-born Son Goku miraculously decided to get a job!

The scenario that we waited there was not only to wait for jobs to be given, but also to get them.

Is there a crisis of in-house faction fighting and company hijacking ...? We look forward to the success of Goku whom he struggle strictly and have an enjoyable social life!


  • Goku - New employee for DB Commercial Affairs.
  • Vegeta - New employee for DB Commercial Affairs, and Goku's rival.
  • Krillin - New employee for DB Commercial Affairs.
  • Gohan - Section chief for DB Commercial Affairs, in charge of newcomers.
  • Piccolo - Head of personnel department for DB Commercial Affairs.
  • Master Roshi - Chief clerk for DB Commercial Affairs.
  • Good Buu - Member of the PR department of DB Commercial Affairs.
  • Tien Shinhan - Member of the client liaison department for DB Commercial Affairs.
  • Grand Minister - DB Commercial Affairs company president.
  • Zeno - DB Commercial Affairs chairman.
  • Android 17 - Works for Gero Corporation.
  • Android 18 - Works for Gero Corporation.
  • Frieza[2]

Episodes List

Episode # Title
1 "Synchronized Showdown"
2 "Transfer"
3 "Overtime"

Video Game Appearances

Society Survival DBH3

The Society Survival outfits appeared as alternate costumes for Team Universe 7 in Dragon Ball Heroes (other than Good Buu, Frieza received an outfit instead of him).

The saga also has a plot, with at one Goku turning Super Saiyan to battle Frieza.

The two parts of the saga are Surviving City Life Part 1 and Surviving City Life Part 2.



  2. Dragon Ball Heroes, 2017

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