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The Society Survival Saga (社会サバイバル編 Shakai Sabaibaru Hen) is a spin-off saga of the Universe Survival Saga.

It was first posted on Toei Animation's website and twitter [1] as an April Fools' Day 2017 joke, though later went on to appear as an actual saga in Dragon Ball Heroes.


In the midst of the economic depression of the space scale said to be once in centuries, the country-born Son Goku miraculously decided to get a job!

The scenario that we waited there was not only to wait for jobs to be given, but also to get them.

Is there a crisis of in-house faction fighting and company hijacking ...? We look forward to the success of Goku whom he struggle strictly and have an enjoyable social life!


Episode 1

Goku and Vegeta have just joined DB Commercial Affairs, the two have a rock-paper-scissors showdown to decide who will buy lunch, with Goku losing.[2]


  • Goku - New employee for DB Commercial Affairs.
  • Vegeta - New employee for DB Commercial Affairs, and Goku's rival.
  • Krillin - New employee for DB Commercial Affairs.
  • Gohan - Section chief for DB Commercial Affairs, in charge of newcomers.
  • Piccolo - Head of personnel department for DB Commercial Affairs.
  • Master Roshi - Chief clerk for DB Commercial Affairs.
  • Good Buu - Member of the PR department of DB Commercial Affairs.
  • Tien Shinhan - Member of the client liaison department for DB Commercial Affairs.
  • Grand Minister - DB Commercial Affairs company president.
  • Zeno - DB Commercial Affairs chairman.
  • Android 17 - Works for Gero Corporation.
  • Android 18 - Works for Gero Corporation.
  • Frieza[3]

Episodes List

Episode # Title
1 "Synchronized Showdown"
2 "Transfer"
3 "Overtime"

Video Game Appearances

Society Survival DBH3

The Society Survival outfits appeared as alternate costumes for Team Universe 7 in Dragon Ball Heroes (other than Good Buu, Frieza received an outfit instead of him).

The saga also has a plot, with at one Goku turning Super Saiyan to battle Frieza.

The two parts of the saga are Surviving City Life Part 1 and Surviving City Life Part 2.



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  3. Dragon Ball Heroes, 2017

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