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This article is about a video game character. For other uses, see Soba (disambiguation).

Soba is a Yardrat who appears exclusively in Dragon Ball Z: Sagas.


DBZ Sagas - Goku vs

Soba sparring with Goku

Soba fights Goku just before he takes off for Earth, assisted by a number of Yaki, but Goku eventually defeats him.


Video Games

The scouter gives him a power level of 14,000,000, substantially higher than the 12,000,000 given to Frieza in his final form when maxed out in the game.

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  • Soba's name is a pun on the Japanese word for noodles, which happens to be "Soba".
  • Soba was originally the name of Emperor Pilaf's dog-like henchman, who was later renamed Shu.
  • Soba looks very similar to Kishime, one of the three Bio-Warriors that serve Dr. Wheelo. Kishime's name is also a reference to noodles.